home inspection companies santa clarita

Home Inspection Companies In Santa Clarita

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home inspection companies santa clarita

Home Inspection Companies Santa Clarita

As a person who’s spent a better part of 40+ years in the Santa Clarita Valley, I’d say there has been a great many changes from growing up as a kid to now.  After being a professional home inspector for over 23 years now, I’d say i’ve seen great many changes here too. Some good and yes, some bad. If there’s one thing that holds true about the inspection business, it’s that the Home Inspection Companies In Santa Clarita are extremely diverse which I think is largely due to the fact that there are no standards to actually work as a home inspector, but we’ll get to that later.

As a home buyer diversity in home inspectors isn’t always win your best interest.  The only thing you should expect from any home inspector is to spend as much time as it takes to find as much as possible to protect you and to keep you from wasting your money on a bad house. What you may not know is that there are very few home inspectors  including within the Santa Clarita valley who work for the buyer first, and the deal second.

The deal? It’s no secret that over 90% of the home inspectors in the SCV get over 90% of their business from the realtors. In contrast, MAZZA INSPECTION GROUP gets… 0%. Yes, you read that correctly. We get zero business from the realtors. Why does that matter? Read on…

Why is it important to know where your inspector gets their business?

It’s important to know where the business that your home inspector who you choose derives. It’s important because in this industry, the realtors generally control who you will ultimately choose to perform your inspection. And they do this with a list of inspection companies who they prefer.  As home inspectors, the more realtors who hand out your phone number, the more money you as an inspector can make. A home inspector in Santa Clarita can easily make $200,000 a year from these realtors referrals. In contrast, a company who does not receive these realtor referrals can expect to only receive their business from the internet, personal relationship building or marketing or past client referrals.

How do these inspectors get on these lists?

REX real estate exchangeGlad you asked. As a home inspector who wishes to make it big in the home inspection industry in the local santa clarita valley, all you have to do is show up… speak with a soft passive voice, (have a nothing is a big deal swagger) possess a great bedside manner and find nothing during the inspection, or at least nothing big. But isn’t it the job of every inspector to find everything possible to protect the home buyer?

For the more profitable Home Inspection Companies in Santa Clarita there is a fine line these inspectors must walk if they wish to rely on realtors for business. And all that means is that these Santa Clarita home inspectors cannot find too much wrong. They cannot scare the home buyer, by doing things like for example, give any cost repair analysis for things they find (even if they are qualified to do so), they cannot site building codes as part of their examination and cannot stray outside the “scope or standards of practice” just to name a few.

Final thought on the realtors “list of 3 inspectors”. You need to ask yourself, why is there such list anyhow? Are the agents trying to say these on the list are the only inspectors in all of Los angeles or Santa Clarita who are thorough, who are qualified and who will protect you? They are in fact the best of the best? Use caution when you receive a list and approach it with skepticism. Trust me on this. We used to be on well over 400 of these realtors lists. Now we occupy less than 10 lists. If that…

California has ZERO requirements to be a home inspector

There are no standards to be home inspector in Santa Clarita or anywhere in California currently. This means your Santa Clarita Home inspector may not have EVER held a hammer, struck a nail or been involved in the construction industry in any way what-so-ever. Trust me… I also have a company where we train home inspectors to be home inspectors and they come from every walk of life, driven by the allure of that $200K a year I’m sure.

The downside to this is that you end up with a guy who is not a GENERAL CONTRACTOR and is only certified via the internet most likely.

How does all this affect you?

When you hire one of these inspectors (who are the majority) from your realtors referral or their list just assume there is collision there, because there is. You have to assume that the entire time that inspector is looking through their house, their main concerns are #1 to get through the inspection as fast as possible, #2 don’t find anything that’s a “big deal” for fear of being labeled a “deal killer” and #3 refrain from using words to describe the issues that are frightening.

There is one thing for sure when you’re searching for Home Inspection Companies In Santa Clarita… and that is your agent (no matter how much you like and trust them) are NOT going to refer you a Santa Clarita based home inspection company who’s a straight shooter and “tells it like it is with ZERO allegiance to anyone but you. They will never refer you to a company like the Mazza inspection group. By and large, realtors do no ever refer MAZZA inspection group and for one reason… we don’t play their games. We don’t kiss their butts, we don’t agree with their philosophy that the commission is more important than the buyer.

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