Home Inspection Companies in Santa Clarita

Would you allow your Chiropractor perform open heart surgery on you? By the same token, would you let a person who took a 3 hour “on-line ” certification course inspect the biggest purchase of your life with absolutely no real building experience? Of course you wouldn’t.

Experienced Need Not Apply

Understand that there are ZERO licenses, ZERO experience, NO Certifications what-so-ever to work as a home inspector in California. Wow.. I know. Not only is this a fact, it’s also a warning to anyone who would otherwise blindly choose a home inspector based on price, availability or worse… a realtor referral. Keep in mind that home inspection for many of these guys is “easy money”. Most do up to 2-3 a day! Contrast that to our 2-3 a week.

ZERO BS here… we tell it like it is

Because we do not work for ANYONE but the client.. we do not care what anyone thinks about our style of inspection, how long we take or what we find. We will take as long as it takes to find everything we can and explain it to you in an easy to understand way, free of any BS.


We may cost more than other Home Inspection Companies in Santa Clarita
Are our fees more than others? You bet. Do we offer more than others in the same industry? Absolutely. On the other hand, you can opt to choose the cheapest guy in the business but just know… You’ll never know what he missed until you own the home or go to sell.

Never ever use a realtor referral

How do you think home inspectors make it onto a realtors famous referral list of three? Do you think it’s because the inspectors are crazy over-the-top thorough? 😂 hahaha… No.
By and large, realtors refer to the very thorough guys as “deal killers“. Trust me, your chances of a shark attack in your living room are better than finding a “nit-picky” thorough inspector on any realtors list. How can I say this? Because we’re not on any realtor lists.

It’s all about protecting people

People first. Before the money. Before the “deal”.
By and large, MAZZA customers love the fact that we take a much different approach to the home inspection industry. We inspect with empathy and as if you were family. Actually, we do what you as a home buyer would expect from a home inspection company.  That is, show up, actually go out of our way to find things and explain the issues with honesty, no matter what it is. Regardless of what anyone thinks.