Infrared Thermography in Los Angeles

Infrared inspections provided by a Level 3 thermographer using state-of-the-art equipment

Infrared Thermography in Los Angeles is the use of an infrared camera to take pictures using infrared energy or radiation that is emitted from objects, which allows us to see the variation in temperatures. That temperature difference is what makes it possible for the technician to spot moisture intrusion in a ceiling, floor, wall or roof, poor insulation or a hot spot in an electrical panel not visible to the human eye.

For the most part, Thermal imaging can also assist with non-destructive testing, preventative maintenance, monitoring equipment and energy efficiency. Marc Mazza is a level III infrared inspector, one of only a few Level III infrared inspectors in Los Angeles. With moisture, the use of thermal imaging plays a pivotal role in locating and better understanding where moisture may derive.  Mazza inspection company is an expert in moisture intrusion analysis. Whether the moisture is from the roof, a shower pan, a window or through a wall, we possess the expertise and we have the experience to detect and locate moisture from its source.

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Thermography FAQs

Every object emits thermal energy. Thermography is the interpretation of the infrared reading taken when certain colors are assigned to particular temperature and represented in a thermogram. Infrared cameras do not need light to take a picture because it is taking temperature readings.
An infrared camera cannot literally see through walls. Images are comprised using colors assigned to a particular temperature emitted from an object. When we look at a wall, for example, and if there is moisture within that wall, that moisture will show a “cooler” temperature signature within the imager.
No, you can’t detect mold with an infrared camera but it can help to locate mold by identifying wet locations or moisture that are conducive to mold growth.
Home inspections of all types can be done without the use of destructive testing. Predictive maintenance (PdM) assessments can be performed on roof systems, equipment and machinery without having to interrupt production. Moisture intrusion can be identified within walls, ceilings and floors. Electrical safety failure can be identified through heat emission detection. Energy efficiency can be evaluated by scans of the building envelope.
The are only three levels of certification in thermography, (1, 2 and 3). Each level achieved indicates the individual has successfully completed a course designed with the science of thermography and the use and application of this science into the daily tasks of a thermographer.
With each level of achievement, the individual must dedicate over 40 hours of classroom time and pass an extremely difficult test, each test being more complex than the previous level.
We carry a Level 3 certification #65246 which is the highest certification possible allowing us to set protocol, instruct and apply the use of thermography and the use of an infrared camera to others.

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