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Deal Killer Loose in Santa Clarita

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Santa Clarita Deal Killer?

Home inspection is a business that just about anyone can do. Yes, anyone. Because there are no minimum standards for home inspection in California all it takes is a week long course, a tool bag and the willingness to mazza inspection group blacklistedforego any moral character to get on as many realtor lists as you can. For those of you who are first time buyers or if you’ve bought houses before but never really paid attention to who your realtor chose to do your inspection on your behalf until you moved in and the roof leaked and ruined your new flooring. You tried to call the inspection company but all you got was a quick, “sorry, that’s not covered, it’s beyond our scope“. And there you have it, home inspection in a nutshell.

It’s no secrete that Mazza inspections is labeled by most realtors in Santa Clarita as a Deal killer but for us, we wear this title as a badge of honor. What do we do to deserve such a title? Read on…

We do inspections differently

What do we do differently? For starters, our home inspections are more of a forensic evaluation of a building more than they are a systematic check-off list of things to do just as it is with so many other inspection companies in Santa Clarita. How do this type of check-off list inspection help you the buyer?  It doesn’t. As a matter of fact, you’ll never know how poor of a job an inspector does until you move in, or sell your house and have a more thorough inspector come through.

In contrast, our approach to a home inspection is nothing at all like other companies. We test things that most will not and our qualifications allow us to perform tests that other cannot. We really go our of our way to dig for issues and take as long as it takes to perform an inspection. If it’s one hour or eight, we do what we have to do to help our customers.  Another reason we’re referred to as “deal killers”.

Who hires us?

You’ll hire Mazza inspection company because you want more. As a buyer you only get one shot at this inspection so you want an inspector who is a fireplace California contractor, a General contractor in two states, a swimming pool repair California contractor, a fireplace inspector, expert witness, California Contractors board industry expert and level III infrared thermographer.

Who does not hire us?

Realtors who cannot stand how long we take on our inspections. The same realtors who are more concerned that we may “alarm you” with what we find causing you to NOT buy the house. Ergo, the deal killer title.

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