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Water Intrusion Inspections and Leak Detection In Los Angeles

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Granted it doesn’t rain much here in Los Angeles. But when it does, it seems to pour am I right? Whether you’re a contractor needing a fenestration test, or a homeowner with a shower pan leak, or roof leak… searching for the presence of moisture is what we do. Water intrusion inspections require specialized equipment such as simulated wind making machines and calibrated spray rack equipment, not water hose.

Infrared thermography cameras are tools which we also possess and use daily for locating water from roof inspections and well, just about every other test we perform.  As a matter of fact, our equipment is the most state of the art equipment available. Period.

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Residential Testing

One thing is for sure, when you call The Mazza Inspection Group we’re not going to show up to water test your issue with a water hose and flip-flops. Water intrusion testing is as much a science as it is an artform. Experience is key to determining how water travels through a building and what obstacles cause water to change course. When we show up… suffice it to say we become one with the water. Water testing and leak detection is more of a science than anything really.

Commercial Testing

Our commercial water intrusion testing and leak detection service encompasses many different areas of a commercial building structure. Much like with residential moisture intrusion, the commercial building test are many times performed in accordance with standards such as AAMA and ASTM. Furthermore, in order to be qualified to test certain components with these structures one must possess specialized testing equipment.

water leak moisture intrusion experts los angeles

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Three things you NEED to know about water intrusion | Leak Detection

  1. First thing to remember about moisture it that your exit point is rarely ever directly under the entry point.
  2. Second thing to keep in mind about moisture or water intrusion is that is may in fact lead to mold, thus requiring remediation.
  3. Third thing to keep in mind when were discussing the topic of water intrusion is that water entering your building doesn’t necessarily have to come from the sky. As a matter of fact, over 75% of the moisture intrusion related damage inspections we perform within residential structures is not rain related.

Tracing moisture is both an art and a science which we’ve mastered. Years of real world and laboratory testing of building specific systems helps Mazza Inspection Group surpass those who claim to be moisture intrusion experts here in Los Angeles. Our clients who experience water intrusion want quick turn around which is why we offer express testing.

We offer multiple different types of moisture intrusion testing and Leak Detection

Moisture intrusion testing requires us to be building envelope experts. No matter if we’re testing window assemblies perched high on a 5th floor boom, or performing tests on grade, we have the equipment and the experience to get the job done. The Mazza Inspection Group provides multiple different type so moisture intrusion testing all throughout Los Angeles. For example, just to name a few;

  • Roofing Systems
  • Shower Receptors
  • Fenestration
  • Intrusion Via Negative Grade
  • Building Envelope
  • Sub Grade Plumbing

In the event that we didn’t list your specific condition, contact our office and we can arrange a job walk to get a better understanding of your issues. For over 20 years we’ve provide water testing of all sorts and performed countless inspections and tests. We also perform underground pipe leak and pool leak inspections and testing.
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Common questions about Our los Angeles Moisture intrusion Service

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Fenestration | Decks | Roof | Windows | Grade | Walls | More...

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75% of the moisture intrusion related damage inspections we perform within residential structures is not rain related. Marc Mazza

Question Regarding Leak Detection

Answers to questions you may have about our services

Most Common Water Intrusion Inspections and Testing

Roof Inspection


  • Concrete Tile
  • Composition Shingle
  • Flat Roof
  • PVC Membrane
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Water Testing


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  • Spray Rack Testing
  • Flood Testing
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Infrared Thermography and the building envelope

New home construction standards are extremely strict. As a matter of fact, when you compare the new homes to the older holes say, of 50 years ago, you can see how much the standards for construction has changed. These changes are visible in just about every finish within the home. For example, in the old days, walls were barely insulated if at all. Nowadays, the minimum standard for wall insulation in Los Angeles county is R13, the ceiling is R30 and the subfloor is R19 for example. In addition to these insulation standards, there are also codes which require the sill plates to be sealed to the slab, exterior openings around doors, windows and exterior penetrations be sealed, penetrations in plates are sealed between attic and under floor and exterior sheathing is sealed to prevent openings into wall cavities.

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These are just a few measures adopted by the local building code officials in order to reduce your overall energy consumption. The use of infrared thermography can see areas within a building which leak air either into the structure or out of the structure. This is referred to as infiltration or exfiltration. Thermal imaging is now more popular than ever because the camera allows us to be able to virtually see into cavities without performing destructive testing. False positives on the other hand, can create conditions which may for a lack of a better word…”trick” an inexperienced thermographyer. It’s these false positives which can look just like moisture, but is intact cooler air entering the buildings envelope.