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Santa Clarita Leak Detection and Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming pools leak, or will leak. According to CalTech swimming pools, the foremost expert in swimming pool structural damage repairs; “65% of all swimming pools will leak within their first 20 years.” A staggering number I agree. Suffice it to say, many of these leaks go unnoticed for long periods of time if not forever in some cases. Swimming Pool Leak Detection within Santa Clarita is a large part of our swimming pool inspection company, On the other hand, many people assume just because their pool is newer, pool leaks or structural damage is’t possible. Once again, according to Darren owner of CalTech pools, “12% of all new pools leak.”  New home sales here in Santa Clarita never requires a swimming pool inspection or a leak detection inspection. With this in mind, most home inspectors aren’t even aware of the new SB 442 law which speaks of safety issues with swimming pools. 

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Santa Clarita Pool Inspections

Anyone can perform swimming pool inspections here in Los Angeles and Santa Clarita. California requires no licensing or certifications of any kind. As a matter of fact, to perform inspections one doesn’t even need any experience. Pretty scary huh? If you’re buying a home and need a GENUINE independent neutral third party inspection… ask for Mazza Inspections.

Santa Clarita Leak Detection

Swimming pool leaks are more common than what many people may think. Just hang out with us for a few days and you’ll see fairly quickly that even new pools can leak just as older swimming pools and spas can. As a matter of fact, the leaks we find often times happen within the first 15 years many times after a remodel or re-plaster.

Up to 65% of all swimming pools built within their first twenty (20) years will leak.CalTech

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Speaking of the SB 442 law; this law REQUIRES that ALL home inspectors comment on at least two of seven safety related components be installed at a home with a swimming pool. Swimming Pool Leak Detection different from inspection of the equipment is nevertheless, essential on every pool purchased. That is based on my own personal experience as one of the busiest swimming pool inspection company in Los Angeles.

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Other services provided by The Mazza inspection Group

Mazza inspection group offers all types of moisture and building related inspections for a reasonable fee. For example, we perform roof inspections in Santa Clarita as well as moisture intrusion and infrared or  thermography inspections. Give us a call and we’ll se what type of issues you’re having and the best way to go about improving your situation.

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