Roof Inspections and Certifications

Inspection by a licensed roofing contractor.

The Mazza Inspection Group offers roof inspections and roof certifications. A roof inspection by the Mazza inspection group is performed by a genuine California roofing contractor. Our technician is familiar with most all types of roofing systems both commercial and residential having installed, repaired and certified these systems for many years.

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Roof Inspection FAQ

A roof inspection is a visual inspection that checks the condition of exterior roofing components such as shingles, valleys, flashing, vents, skylights, and etcetera. The ceilings inside of the house and the attic sheathing are also reviewed if necessary. A roof that passes our inspection will not require a certification, however, one can be purchased if desired.
A roof certification is a term policy typically 1-4 years which guarantees the structure “free of leaks” once and inspection has been performed and repairs are completed. The term coverage policy is transferable to a new buyer and is accepted by FHA, VA and Conventional lenders.
A home inspection is a general review of the roof condition and not a warranty or guarantee of any kind. Most home inspectors may identify problems but will likely not provide an estimate for repairs of any sort. Likewise, many home inspectors will not walk on tile, or second story roofs.
Home warranties normally don’t do pre-inspections and therefore do not cover certain components. These warranties are very limited and do not protect the home owner sufficiently.

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    A sewer line video camera inspection will allow you to look into the piping for damaged sewer line. The average sewer replacement cost is over $10,000 Sewer replacement is NOT covered by home warranty