Roofing Inspections and Leak Detection

Granted, living in Los Angeles doesn’t provide much rain. But then again, it doesn’t have to rain that hard or that much to let you know your roof leaks. Mazza inspection group provides roofing inspections here in Los Angles and throughout the Los Angeles County for those moments when the sky seems to have opened up within your home. Nonetheless, our professional roof inspections are provided by a real roofing contractor. Moreover, our professional service is utilized by may insurance companies as well as Los Angeles Law firms.

In case you find yourself in escrow and need a second or unbiased opinion on the condition of your roof, call or text us 661-904-1895 and we’ll ensure you receive the same attention that every single one of our customers experiences and for a reasonable fee.

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Water Testing

In effect, moisture intrusion experts is what defines the Mazza inspection Group. In fact, we perform more moisture intrusion analysis in the greater Los Angeles area than any other service we provide combined. Whether it’s a roof, a wall, foundation or fenestration testing we have it covered. In a word.. Experts. This is how we are defined. We are specialists in this field and to be honest, embrace this title because it’s what we love.

Roof Inspections

Generally speaking, if you were asked to look up at your roof and tell whether or not it leaks you couldn’t. As a matter of fact, neither could many people so don’t feel too bad. Unlike many inspectors out there we are not just visual inspectors of roofing systems. Not only do we perform roof repairs daily, our inspections are referred by many top insurance companies and Law Firms throughout Los Angeles. 

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How Much Are Roof Inspections?

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Moisture Testing


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