How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost in Los Angeles

The fees which home inspectors charge in Los Angeles vary greatly. There isn’t really a standard by which all the inspection companies chose to model their fees by. In other words, it’s more or less a free-for-all. That said, however, many home inspectors choose to model their Home Inspection Cost by multiple different conditions such as age, square footage, condition etc…
First we have to discuss the role of an inspector and who they really are here in Los Angeles.

Many buyers are under the assumption that all home inspectors in Los Angeles are the same, do the same and know the same. Not true.Mazza

What exactly is a home inspection and why do I need one?

A home inspection is a visual non-invasive evaluation of a home or building typically in connection with the sale of a house or building.  Most people who are in the process of buying a home will get a home inspection performed on the home in which they intend to buy in order to get a more clear understanding of the buildings overall condition.​ The Home Inspection Cost is always an obstacle as many buyers are under the assumption that all home inspectors in Los Angeles are the same, do the same and know the same. Not true.

Who conducts this home inspection?santa clarita home inspectors

A home inspection in California is conducted by an individual who is not acting as a professional licensed Engineer, Architect, pest control professional or General contractor. Which is to essentially say the home inspector is a non licensed generalist. This, in accordance with the Business and Professions Code section 7195-7199.
California Requires:

  • California requires No minimum standards to work as a home inspector
  • There are No formal Licensing standards in the state of California including Los Angeles
  • The Home Inspection industry requires ZERO  formal Certification in the state of California including Los Angeles
  • No formal testing of any sort

The standard is there are no standards for Home Inspection fees in Los Angeles

The home inspection business is completely unregulated in the state of California. What does this mean to you?

  • It means that inspectors may have NO formal certification or license (even when they claim they are).
  • Your choice of Home inspectors by law is NOT required to possess genuine construction experience past or present.
  • There is no mandate which requires home inspectors to carry ANY insurances.
  • The Home inspectors fees in Los Angeles are all-over-the-map due to a lack of manditory education IMO.

The Home Inspection Cost based on square footage

Los Angeles Home Inspection CostsMost all home inspectors will base their fees on the total square footage of the home. For example, you may expect to pay the following for a home inspection in Los Angeles:

  • Condominiums Home Inspections can cost between $195 – $495. 

  • Averaged that’s about .35 cents a square foot.
  • Single family home inspections up to 1000 square feet can cost between $225 – $550

  • Averaged that’s about .39 cents per square foot.​​
  • Swimming Pool Inspections In Los Angeles Can cost on Average $50 to $395

  • Swimming pool inspections in Los Angeles are most times conducted by the home inspector providing the physical home inspection. They are simply “added to the price” for a few bucks e.g.$50. That said, a professional swimming pool inspector will take a great deal of time for a significant amount more. Note: Their inspection is not generally very thorough or exhaustive.

Why such a huge swing in pricing?

The Home Inspection Cost or fee is first of all, largely determined on the total square footage or the home. Yet, there are other ancillary conditions which may affect the overall fee structure, however they are typically limited to only a few. Here are a few examples of what may affect the fee for your home inspection here in Los Angeles. 

  1. The more new inspectors entering into the market sell themselves short with low pricing.
  2. Room additions which are typically un-permitted
  3. Additional components such as chimneys or additional kitchens, bathrooms etc…
  4. Swimming pools
  5. Detached garages or carports
  6. Raised foundations (crawlspaces)
  7. Special roofing inspection (drone use)
  8. Thermography
  9. Inspectors drive time to the property
  10. Some inspectors are far more qualified than others, therefore their service is considered a premium

How to Choose a Home Inspector in Los Angeles

In light of the Business and Professions Code mentioned herein, our position has always been get a professional California “State Licensed” General contractor, Engineer or Architects opinion of your home prior to purchasing that home. The Home Inspection Cost may be slightly higher on average for these individuals, however, these individuals will generally on average, demand a premium for their service.

Why do we say this?

As a general contractor who’s built custom homes, a swimming pool contractor who’s built, repaired and remodeled swimming pools and a fireplace contractor and inspector who has inspected, built, removed and repaired chimneys and fireplaces, I’d never have an individual who has ZERO real world experience evaluating a home in which I plan to purchase. Especially with so much at stake.

Where to choose a Home Inspector in Los Angeles

Choosing a home inspector is a task you may have to perform only once every few years. With so many companies to choose from how does one make an informed decision? Well, as a professional who has conducted well over 14,000 physical home inspections, let me provide you with a few tips when choosing a home inspector in los Angeles.

  1. Use the resources at hand such as internet reviews (Yelp / Google), or friend / family referrals when choosing a home inspector in Los Angeles. Internet review can be tricky, however, I suggest reading the lot and averaging them out.
  2. Choose a home inspector who gets less than 85-95% of their annual income from referrals or the internet.
  3. Limit your choices to General contractors and other State licensed professionals (construction related).
  4. Make sure your home inspector has conducted over 5,000 real inspections.
  5. Use only a Los Angeles home inspector who uses a narrative style inspection reporting program.

What to avoid when choosing a home inspector in Los Angeles

  1. Never allow anyone with a financial interest to choose your home inspector or make the appointment for you.
  2. Do not Choose a Home inspector based on the Home Inspection cost.
  3. Try not to choose a home inspector who performs more than 2 inspections a day.
  4. Always avoid a home inspector who limits your time for the inspection (any home inspection should take no less than 1.5 hours on average, an hour for every 1000 square feet).
  5. Finally, Avoid choosing a home inspector who provides a checklist style report.

In conclusion. The home inspection is a service that can only be performed once before you buy (with exceptions). the individual who you choose to perform your home inspection here in Los Angeles has to care about your investment, your safety and the safety of anyone dwelling with the building. Empathy is a good characteristic to seek out when shopping for your home inspector.  The Home Inspection Cost should never be a primary consideration when choosing between so many qualified individuals.

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