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Inspected by General Contractors with our proprietary systems and reported in a narrative format.

We work for you…

That’s right. We work only to protect our clients. Our primary concern is that we live up to our clients expectations in what a home inspector should be. We are here for the buyer from the day you order an inspection until you move in. Beyond that, we will be here for anything you may need that is building related.

Please don’t rush us…

Much to the dismay of many, we take our time…and in some cases, a lot of it. As a matter of fact, for us, the inspection time is only dictated by the buildings year, condition, type and size. That’s it. We find it difficult to work efficiently under time restrictions because this process cannot be performed in haste.

Homes Inspected

We’ve done this a few times…

Actually, we have conducted thousands upon thousands of inspections so newbies we are not. This is a business where repetition is extremely important so if you are inspector shopping, ask how many inspections he/she has performed. Inspectors having less than 5000 inspections, you may want to move on.

We’re all California contractors…

Surprisingly, California has ZERO licenses or certification requirements to do this job. So we just set our own minimum standards. Our home inspectors are all California General Contractors and some of us with multiple classifications. Our sewer inspectors and chimney inspectors are also contractors. So when our buyers use The Mazza inspection Group, they can feel confident that we at least passed something official from the state… not just some on-line certification or week long classroom course. If you have questions as to the cost of improvements while we’re inspecting (or after) just ask. We do not, however, perform any construction work.

We use infrared…

All Mazza inspectors use infrared. The issues, (and there are a lot of them ) we can detect with this equipment really are priceless. We find items such as water leaks, electrical hazards, missing insulation etc… almost daily. These things would in most cases, would never have been found (until you are living there) without this equipment. Marc Mazza is a Level III operator which is the highest level of thermographer in the industry. Finding another inspector with this certification would be pretty difficult if not impossible.

The report…

No check-boxes here. Our reports are comprehensive, easy to read and are in full narrative form. We take photographs and video of issues throughout the inspection and include them in the report.

The fee…

We’re not the cheapest in the industry but we are also not much more than another inspector who may share some similar qualifications and philosophies as we do regarding the protection of the home buyer. We do not, however, compete with other companies on price or offer discounts for our services.

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