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mazza inspection groupA five point inspection is an evaluation of the Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical Panels, Roof and Structural systems. This type of inspection works well for those folks who are only interested in the major systems within a structure and who are not as concerned with cosmetic or superficial issues. This is an excellent inspection for investors or professional real estate buyers who are already planning on improving the buildings cosmetics but would like to limit their liabilities upon resale or with tenant occupied units.

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5 Point Inspection FAQs

The plumbing includes identification and inspection of materials of the visible and accessible supply lines within the structure, main service supply, regulator and the testing of the water pressure with and without a load imposed. Testing of the faucets, fixtures and angle stops is omitted.
The Electrical inspection includes all service equipment panels. The main and sub panels are visually evaluated for any deficiencies in regard to the wiring and breaker system within the panels. The interior lights, switches and plugs are omitted.
The HVAC inspection includes the inspection of the HVAC system which may include a package unit, split system, heat pump and the ductwork when accessible.
The structural inspection consists of the attic when accessible, the attic framing, raised or slab foundation where accessible. Removal of any interior flooring (for inspection) is not allowed with this inspection.
The inspector will walk the roof if safely accessible, if not the roof will be inspected from all accessible areas using a ladder and with high powered binoculars. The inspector will identify the type and approximate age and condition of the roof covering materials. The inspector will inspect the visible flashings and vents associated with the roof system. For a more in-depth roof evaluation which includes estimates for costs of improvement or repair, we offer a full service roof inspection and / or certification, just visit roofinspectionpros.com.

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    A sewer line video camera inspection will allow you to look into the piping for damaged sewer line. The average sewer replacement cost is over $10,000 Sewer replacement is NOT covered by home warranty