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​If you’re in the market for a home inspector who is looking out for you and only you and NOT the realtors, you’ll find out very quickly that you have few, if any other choices. In an industry like real estate where there are huge commissions at stake, most other inspectors tend to come up short when choosing sides between the Realtors who refer them and the client who’s making the most significant investment of their lives.

There are four things you should never accept looking for a home inspector.Santa Clarita Home inspection

  1. Time restraints. Most home inspectors are in and out of your house faster than you can write their check. On the other hand… we stay “as long as it takes“. Two hours… three hours… eight hours. Who cares. It’s your money. Your safety. Your investment.
  2. Certified over Contractor. Most all home inspectors are only certified. Which is to say they likely have no real building experience unlike us. They’re just allured by the quick cash for spending a couple hours with you. And that mindset gets exponentially worse when your inspector is from your realtors list.
  3. Checklist inspection report. Wow… can’t say enough about this one. Just that you will be super upset when you see the whopping 19 page report which will tell you absolutely nothing about your house.
  4. A realtors referral. We receive 0% of our business from realtors. What does that mean? For one, we’re not beholden to ANYONE for future referral business. Knowing what I know about this business, i’d never use a realtors referral.
The biggest difference between me and these other inspectors is simple… They have to do this as a job… I do this for fun.marc mazza


A Local Home Inspection company in Santa Clarita

Mazza inspection group was founded over twenty years ago by Marc Mazza. Mazza inspections is family owned and operated and is not a “Big Box, turn-n-burn” inspection company but rather, we consider ourselves a boutique style inspection firm with our primary focus on the buyer. You.

Marc is NOT a certified ONLY inspector like these others… (Marc actually has REAL building experience)

santa clarita home inspectors

We are not home inspector “certified” (whatever that means). We did not attend a week long or internet school like AHIT, Kaplan or NACHI or tag along with another inspector for 6 months to get our experience.

California does not regulate the home inspection industry so as a result, anyone can become an inspector with ZERO experience…yes even you. We understand the importance of having Home Inspection performed by a person who has actually built homes and not just read about it in a book or on-line.

A genuine third party Home Inspection Company here in Santa Clarita

First of all, MAZZA inspections is a disinterested neutral third party home inspection company. Furthermore, our job is not to seek out relationships with Realtors, lenders or anyone else within the real estate community like some of these other inspectors. We march to a different beat and are not like any other home inspection companies you’ll find. We seek out issues within each and every house as if it’s our own family buying the property.

Thermography or Infrared inspections

Infrared thermography Los AngelesDon’t worry… we have this area covered for you. Marc is a Level 3 Thermographer and instructor, F.I.R.E. certified fireplace inspector and contractor, swimming pool repair contractor and holds a current General Contractors license having performed over 13,000 home inspections.