Building and pool inspections are what I do. Performing inspections keeps me up-to-date on building code. Each building is unique with no two buildings being the same.  

Every inspection has a person on the other side who relies on the inspector to help them. Although the term help can be somewhat subjective, most all people count on individuals like myself to protect them.  Building inspections are a huge responsibility which I feel many out there just look at it as a source of revenue, a way to stuff their garage full of stuff, and not for what it was originally designed for… protection. No matter if you’re buying a ten million dollar home or a ten thousand dollar home, all purchasers want the same thing. Protection.


I am a General Contractor. As a matter of fact, I’m a Contractor in two states, Arizona and California. Not only do I have two General B licenses, I also have a few other classifications as well.  I also own and operate a construction company.

It’s really about helping others

Despite what many realtors and inspectors will tell you, equally they both have been the center of attention with the focus being on honesty, integrity, ethics and collusion. With so many in this business trying to get rich its sometimes the purchaser who gets the short end of this stick.  

We try to fill this gap by helping the buyer avoid a catastrophe with safety of the individual, the individuals family and the individuals finances as our focus… not the money. Much to our own detriment, realtors won’t come within 100 feet of our company or me really, but choose to refer the well… less thorough. In other words, we play by our own rules.

But that’s okay, we’ll keep doing what we are best at, protection. Because when the deal closes, it’s you who own every single problem that building possess. And the mortgage still comes, every month.