Santa Clarita Home Inspection

Home Inspections

Comprehensive inspections performed by State Licensed Contractors and INDUSTRY EXPERTS…

Not “CERTIFIED INSPECTORS”, but contractors.

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Inspections Performed


Anyone can buy and infrared camera and take pretty pictures in hopes to impress the client. But very few inspectors (if any) can call themselves a LEVEL III thermographer and instructor. Seriously…with our testing procedures, I can’t see anyone finding more moisture or electrical issues than MAZZA.

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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools inspected by a Licensed California Swimming Pool Service and Repair Contractor

once again…not just “certified”.

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We find houses with leaks of all types almost daily. The question is… will yours?

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Home Inspections Santa Clarita CA

When we think of Home Inspections in Santa Clarita we’re generally thinking of a super knowledgeable people with years of genuine construction experience under their belly right? Wrong. The individuals whom you have to choose from will come with many different levels of educational backgrounds. Some with multiple years of genuine construction background, to others who may have retired from another occupation to make some extra cash.

Going off a realtors list? Throw it away.

This is your only chance to hire a professional who works solely for you, and not the realtors. Most all realtors will have a list of three of their favorite home inspectors for Home Inspections Santa Clarita, but don’t  be fooled. The individuals on this list work for the realtors first, and then you. How else will they remain on these lists? Is it because they are stellar Santa Clarita Home inspectors? Explain then how MAZZA, is on ZERO of these realtors lists? Just sayin…

There are ZERO requirements for Home Inspections Santa Clarita CA

Currently there are ZERO requirements for home inspectors to work as professionals in the state of California. That means you can have an inspector with absolutely no experience in construction analyzing you future purchase. Surprisingly… these guys are out there, even in your home town (or future home town). To ensure you choose a home inspector with the most experience, choose a Licensed General Contractor every time.

Marc Mazza of Mazza inspection group offers multiple different levels of experience.

  • General contractor
  • Chimney contractor / Certiried Inspector
  • Swimming pool repair contractor
  • Level 3 thermographer

Don’t go for the cheapest Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita

In this business the last person you want evaluting your investment is the cheapest home inspector out there. Why? Well, because you will ultamately get exactly what you pay for. Cheap Home Inspections in Santa Clarita often do not take as long as necessary to evluate a property. Furthermore, these cheap inspectors often times place time restrictions on the inspection.

Don’t use your realtors referral for Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita

In this business there are inspectors who work for you and those who do not. Unfortunately, as odd as that may sound, it’s absolutely true. If you want the most transparent inspector, you will want to find home insepctors in Santa Clarita that are not on your realtors list of inspection companies.

The MAZZA Inspection Group offers other types of home inspections.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are performed by a licensed California Roofing Contractor. The inspection will encompass the roof covering, accessible roofing paper, flashings, terminations and skylights. A detailed estimated cost of repairs is also included.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial reports include necessary, immediate repairs as well as recommendations for long term maintenance. Our report encompasses the current condition of specific components inspected and provide and estimated or an approximate lifespan which remains in these components.

5 Point Inspection

A five point inspection is a modified inspection which covers only the five major systems within a building. These systems will include the plumbing, electrical panels, HVAC systems, structural and roof components.

Chimney Inspections

The Mazza Inspection Group provides an unbiased, 3rd party inspection of your fireplace / chimney using the most advanced technology available. The inspection will include an estimated cost to repair or improve the chimney as necessary.

Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler inspections are provided by a licensed C-16 contractor in accordance with NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) standards. The inspection will include current issues associated with the system as well as an estimated cost to improve or repair.