You want thorough? You got it.

It’s just a fact. MAZZA inspections isn’t very well received amongst real estate agents in Santa Clarita. For better or worse, MAZZA inspection company is known as a “nit picky, over-the-top thorough home inspection company” here in Santa Clarita. How do we respond to that? Easy.. okay yes, we’re all of that. If we’re placing the home buyers protection before obtaining hundreds of realtor referrals for the sake of making a few bucks, then you bet… its all worth it. People before money, always.

MAZZA Inspections Is a Different Santa Clarita home inspection Company

Contrary to other inspection companies, we don’t do gimmicks, we don’t bring snacks and we don’t BS. California does not require home inspectors to possess ANY formal education or licenses of any kind. So how do you choose a competent individual? Unlike others in this business, we evaluate a home from the prospective of a professional expert, not the generalist that the agents want us to be. Equally important is the fact that Marc Mazza is a licensed general contractor, not a “certified inspector”, whatever that means. 

  • Over 15,000 paid inspections performed
  • General contractor, swimming pool contractor, chimney contractor,
  • Moisture intrusion expert


Under no circumstance should you EVER default to your realtors list of 3 inspectors to find a Santa Clarita home inspector. Not only is it a bad idea, it can in some cases prove to be a huge financial mistake.  Although you may trust your agent and they may seem to be on your side, you always need to do your own due-diligence and protect yourself. It’s a well known fact amongst home inspectors that the only way to make “good” money in this business is to get on as many relator referral lists as you can. Inspectors will sometimes do inspections for a reduced fee and with the intent to go “soft” on a home to stay in the good graces of the realtors. In like fashion, many realtors prefer this type of inspection company.

Mazza Inspection Company for your Santa Clarita home inspection

We are contractors, with real construction experience. We are general contractors, swimming pool repair contractors, fireplace contractors and level three infrared thermographers. With over 15,000 inspections performed we know a thing or two about the home inspection business. Of course, empathy plays a huge role in why we inspect the way we do. Caring for our clients, their investment, our clients money and family comes first, as it should.

Our clients are Happy-er

Although there are hundreds of home inspection companies to choose from, your choice of Santa Clarita home inspection companies needs to be right. Our service doesn’t end at the door when we leave.  Indeed, we are at our clients disposal for advice, referrals or whatever for years to come. As a matter of fact, we have clients who still call us for advice from inspections performed over 20 years ago. 
As mentioned previously, it’s all about service, empathy and placing people first. Before the money, before the deal.