Moisture Intrusion Testing Los Angeles

Looking for moisture is what we do.

First thing to remember, is that MAZZA inspection group provides moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles for multiple different types of conditions. We also perform underground pipe and pool leak detection. Our thorough background and extensive knowledge in the construction industry allows us an unique insight on how moisture enters and travels throughout a building. It’s important to realize, the MAZZA inspection group utilizes state of the art equipment to aid in the locating of such moisture resulting from improperly prepared grade as well as moisture trapped within wall systems, roofing or flooring, affordably.

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Roof Inspections

So what do these guys check?

As roofing contractors, our expertise in moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles is bridged with the knowledge of multiple roofing systems in both commercial and residential applications. Not only are we roofing contractors, we provide water testing for these systems which provide proven results. It’s important to remember that our track record for finding and locating roof leaks in Los Angeles and surrounding areas is 100%.

Infrared Thermography

A point often overlooked with thermographers is that it’s easy to buy a camera and simply point and shoot pretty pictures. MAZZA inspectors, however,  are level III infrared thermographers. What does that mean to you? To begin with, it means that when we are using the equipment in conjunction with moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles we are many times able to locate moisture just as it begins to show itself without having to perform destructive testing to isolate the location which the moisture enters the building.

Shower Pan Inspections

Shower pans leak. If it’s not leaking now, it will. Our shower pan moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles includes shower pan tests. As contractors we’ve constructed many a shower pan with many a different material. We understand the full scope of how a shower pan is constructed therefore, we can effectively and easily test shower pans for moisture with outstanding results.

Spray Rack Testing

Field Moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles

The spray rack and spray wand are tools used with our moisture intrusion testing in Los Angeles. The spray rack system is constructed to test components such as window glazing, curtain walls, butt glazed windows or walls, stucco, roof systems and multiple other conditions.
MAZZA inspections moisture intrusion testing procedures adheres to the AAMA standards of moisture intrusion testing. Our spray equipment whether hand held or in a rack, is calibrated equipment utilizing the Monarch type B25 #6.030 nozzle in all our testing applications.