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Santa Clarita Discount Realtors vs. Traditional Realtors

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Will Digital Disruption Upend the Traditional Real Estate Model in Santa Clarita? Digital disruption is fundamentally rewriting the business landscape, creating new business models, and changing the way individuals run their business and personal lives.  Consider the travel industry.  There was a travel agency in every town 25 years ago. Now, most people book their travel on a tablet. You …

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Building Codes City of Santa Clarita

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What is a building code? What exactly are building codes? While there are many different types of codes and countless codebooks, there are some specifically just for California. But to be clear, for those of you out there who think these codes are essentially laws, although enforceable, they are not. First things first Let’s first start with zoning. In a …

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Yard drains for proper drainage

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What to know about yard drains for proper drainage Back in the days when you could buy a house that sat on an acre of land there was no need for yard drains. Here in Los Angeles and local newer communities such as Santa Clarita, yard drains are almost a necessity. Regardless of the soil types present in your area, …

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The Home Inspector Missed Problems-Now What?

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The Home Inspector Missed Problems-Now What? ​The home inspector plays a huge part in the decision buying process. Many home inspectors now days are complacent in their roles as home inspectors or as i like to refer to them as… “home buyer protectors“. At the present time, there are no California requirements to actually work as a home inspector. Wow …

Common problems after home inspection

Common repairs needed after a home inspection

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List of Some Common Repairs Needed After a Home Inspection A good thorough Home inspection can uncover many different issues. Some of these issues can be categorized as superficial and some significant. Of these issues the buyer will have to decide which ones are common repairs and can be put off for say, a later date, which are in need …

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Home Inspection Companies In Santa Clarita

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Home Inspection Companies Santa Clarita As a person who’s spent a better part of 40+ years in the Santa Clarita Valley, I’d say there has been a great many changes from growing up as a kid to now.  After being a professional home inspector for over 23 years now, I’d say i’ve seen great many changes here too. Some good …