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New Home Building Inspections in Santa Clarita

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New Home Building Inspections in Santa Clarita

You just signed on the dotted line for a brand new house in Santa Clarita, California. The excitement of a new construction home can be overwhelming. The model homes are so clean and perfectly decorated. You can just picture yourself living there or in a home just like it down the street. New houses are so cool…you get to choose the model, location, elevation, options, upgrades and more. There is just such a special feeling about buying a brand new house that no one has ever lived in before.

In reality though, things are not as they seem. Really this is a tract house that is made in an assembly line with hundreds of other homes and are constructed by builders whose main priority is the bottom line, not the quality of construction. The builders do not build the new homes themselves. The builders hire subcontractors at the lowest rate because the enticement is that they have a lot of homes for them to work on. In other words, the subs give them a good deal in exchange for the large quantity of work. Quality control is definitely a real challenge when you have to manage twenty plus different subcontractors working on each house in the tract. But don’t worry right? Each house has to be permitted and pass city inspections. That means that they should be just fine and there will be no problems. Wrong! We inspect many of these new homes and find all sorts of things… from minor to major issues and some of the problems will actually include items not being up to current building code.

New Construction Attic

New Construction Attic

And yes.. even the trash.

 Why You Need a New Home Building Inspection in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita, California has been a rapidly growing city since the early eighties filled with new construction homes. The builders have been cranking out the houses as quickly and as cheaply made as possible. Just because a house is brand new does not mean it will not have issues. The builders typically give a 10 year warranty on the structural components of the home and 1 year on everything else. So why would you need a new home building inspection by Mazza Inspection Group? One day you will sell the home and any issues not identified might just become your problem to fix.

Most people do not go in their attics or on top of their roofs. They do not look up the chimney flue or at the installation of the water heater. Do you know how to test the efficiency of an HVAC system? Are you going to test the tile showers that the builder installed for you for leaks? We have identified shower leaks in brand new homes in some cases up to three in one house. These showers had to be demolished and rebuilt prior to the move in date. Mazza Inspection Group has identified major plumbing leaks in brand new homes with the use of infrared technology. We could go on with the defects or improper installations that we have identified but the bottom line is that you should get what you pay for, especially when it is a brand new home. Why would you expect anything less than near perfection?


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    1. We just recently performed inspections on a few builders, one off Plum Cyn and the other off Pico Cyn, both really did a terrible job producing a new building and n contrast, we did one of a smaller builder off Golden Valley, I’ve never seen such quality.

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