Compare Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita

Compare Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita

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You Need a Home Inspector in Santa Clarita

So you need to find a home inspector in Santa Clarita, California. Most of you are on the hunt for a qualified home inspector and some of you in a mad rush because you’ve been told you have time time restrictions in which to get the inspection(s) completed. Your friends and family have given you some suggestions and your realtor gave you a list but you’re not so sure you should rely on these recommendations. You need to make a BIG decision and quick! That is pobably why you are on our site.

When deciding between companies, you should compare the qualifications, experience, reporting, technology, experience, professionalism, reviews and more. Price should be your last consideration. How many different companies should you compare? We think in order to get a respectful representation of the field of local companies, you should look at at least 5 or more. After all, as a home inspection company who has performed over 13,000 inspections, we KNOW a thing or two about this business.

Do you want to know as much as you can possibly know about the home? Will your inspections opinion about the condition of the house determine whether or not you purchase the property? What can be a safety hazard or a significant expense? What is a major fix or a minor issue? To put it simply, you need a professional with the knowledge, systems, articulation and reporting skills to educate you on the home that you are buying.

Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita are NOT Required to have a License

If you have already read through our website, then you know that there are no required certificates, licenses or qualifications to practice as a home inspector in Santa Clarita. So then what makes one qualified to inspect possibly the biggest investment in your life? Is it because “they” or their website says they are?  If the inspection is no big deal to you or just a formality, then go ahead and choose any inspector with the lowest fee and will most likely get you the report on site or the same day. Then you can just move on the next phase of the transaction. Maybe home warranty will cover anything that “will” go wrong. Hopefully you don’t believe that home warranties cover everything… because they don’t. Most often they do whatever they possibly can to deny a claim but I digress. So this brings us back around to making the most of your money and choosing a home inspection company that will actually find the important issues so that you can either negotiate with the seller or just move on. You will only get one shot to do this because you will be limited by time and money. If you make a poor choice of inspector, you probably will not be getting a second inspection done so you will be stuck with your first choice.

3 ways to Choose a Home Inspector in Santa Clarita

So you have to do some research. Where do you start? Well, we will make it easy for you. Here’s the deal… we know our competition. And hey, we’re good with having these other companies around us. For MAZZA, we provide a niche service, just ask anyone who has been through our process (we’ll give you some numbers). We are very thorough, meticulous and as invasive as possible without destroying or touching anything within the building and while we’re there without having our hands tied by any associations “standards of practice”….

The first way to qualify an inspection company is to review their website. You should be looking for qualifications, experience, technology and reports. Take notes and write down some questions (you will need this for step 3).

Step 2 in the qualification process is to check reviews. There are sites such as Yelp and Google that will provide reviews from clients and give a rating as well. You will have to be the judge on the legitimacy and authenticity of the reviews. If a company provides reviews on their own site, that is great but not as reliable as if they were on review sites. If a company does not have reviews, and if they have been in business for a while then you may wish to take that into consideration and ask yourself why.  Most all service based companies rely on the services of Yelp, Google and the like for new business and likewise. Most people now a days are looking to these review sites to locate good, reliable, local serviced based businesses.

The last step in the process would be to narrow down your search to 2-3 companies, give them a call to get a feel for their professionalism and ask all the questions you may have. This is when you are also able to check pricing and availability. Just remember that this research should make you completely confident in your final decision to schedule an inspection the most important financial decision in your life. Good luck, you only have one shot at this.




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