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Smoke Detectors Near Registers

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MIG is Concerned with Your Safety

We care about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Mazza Inspection Group is code centric. There are reasons that most codes exist and that is to keep the occupants safe within the building. Every inspector knows the required locations (bedrooms and hallways) that smoke detectors should be installed but will they let you know of other code issues related to smoke detectors? There are various codes written in respect to the placement of smoke detectors in regards to various components or rooms within a home.

Did you know that smoke detectors should not be installed near registers?

Smoke detectors near registers is not a topic that buyers are usually thinking about. Most people and many inspectors do not know that smoke alarms should not be placed within a certain distance of registers. A register is the perforated cover that is installed over an air duct for the HVAC system.

Smoke Detectors Near Registers

Smoke alarms and smoke detectors shall not be installed within a 36 in. (910 mm) horizontal path from the supply registers of a forced air heating or cooling system and shall be installed outside of the direct airflow from those registers.

2013 NFPA

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