choosing a qualified inspector

Choosing a Qualified Inspector

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Choosing a Qualified Inspector

Your offer just go accepted and now your agent says it’s time to choose a home inspector. There are various ways you can find a reputable inspection firm but typically, it’s narrowed down to about three. Choosing a qualified inspector can be a difficult task, especially if you are a first time buyer and have had little experience with inspectors.

The Realtor’s Referral list

The realtor referral list is typically comprised of three names which the realtor has chosen for you. The names on this list are names of companies which the realtor has likely used in the past and feels comfortable with their abilities to perform a thorough inspection.

Your Past Experiences or Family/Friend Referral

Almost everyone knowns someone who has purchased property and has had an inspection or, you yourself may have had an inspection performed previously. These personal experiences and referrals can be an excellent way to get a great inspection on your new property. Although someone may have had an excellent experience, make sure you investigate the company referred to you.

The Internet

The internet can be “iffy” simply because you really cannot tell just how qualified the inspector truly is. Lets face it, anyone can write just about anything they wish to convince you that they are the best choice for the job when in reality, it may be the furtherest thing from the truth. So thank goodness for yelp and google right?

5 Tips for Choosing an Inspection Firm

  1. Only use a General Contractor. We say this only because in California, there are no minimum requirements set by the state to oversee the inspection industry. As a result, anyone can be an home inspector with no prior experience. As a general contractor, one must prove that they possess at least 5 years of genuine construction experience, then take a test proctored by the state. What you get is proof by the state of knowledge and experience.
  2. Make sure the inspector has performed no less than 5,000 inspections. An inspector who has not performed at least 5,000 inspections in my opinion hasn’t experienced enough to be trusted to perform your inspection. We’ve performed well over 12,000 inspections and still, have not seen it all.
  3. Do NOT choose a company that does not use infrared. Take it from us… We see things that amazes us almost every day. The infrared camera is an absolute must when conducting an inspection. From leaks in slabs, leaks in walls, electrical issues… you name it, we see it. Do not choose a company who does not embrace this technology
  4. Check the type of report used. Ask the inspector to see a sample of the report to make sure that it is in a narrative format, comprehensive, easy to follow and includes digital photos.


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  1. The best advice i can give anyone looking for an inspector is this…You will get what you pay for. i learned that the hard way. I got totally screwed with my inspection. i went with the cheapest guy because i thought all these inspectors were all the same. no way!! I was wrong and it cost me big.

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