Los Angeles Home Inspection Fees

I’ve been told that “Home inspections are a necessary evil” when buying a house. I submit to you that home inspections are necessary for sure. From what I’ve gathered its the home inspection fees that usually deters a new home buyer from either getting a really good home inspector or just not getting one all together.  

You Get What You Pay For

Range Rover will not sell you a new car at Kia prices. Home inspection fees are just the same. Sure you can get a newbie, or one of the advertised $195 guys, but just know that price reflects quality. This is to say whatever the home inspector misses, you will literally “own” and thus have to repair. Most people will pay upwards of $100 a monty on Starbucks, but when choosing a home inspector to protect them, they will look for the least expensive guy or that “middle-of-the road guy.” Problem is… you will have no way to tell who actually knows more than the next guy. 

2019 | Still No Home Inspection Regulation – Home Buyers Suffer

Because California Does not regulate the home inspection industry, anyone and yes, everyone wants in on the “quick buck” the home inspection industry provides. Moreover, it’s exactly this mindset that leads most of the new home buyers to believe that a 4000 square foot home should cost them $200 for an inspection. Not even close.

How easy is it be a home inspector in California? For the most part, it’s as easy as taking an online class or sit in a classroom with 20 others who were working as of  just yesterday… something else not related to construction. Contrast this to a general contractor who must provide proof to the state that he / she is qualified. Furthermore, this individual must also pass a state proctored test of over 300 tough questions.



  • General Contractor
  • Level 3 Infrared
  • Only Works For Buyers
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Pools / Sewer


  • Pools Inspected By Contractor
  • Allow 1-2 hours for pools
  • Pool Repair Cost Breakdown
  • Sewer Video Camera Inspections
  • Sewer Repair Cost Breakdown
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