moisture intrusion testing Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

Moisture Intrusion Testing Santa Clarita

Mazza Inspection Group offers moisture intrusion testing as part of our specialized service. As a general home inspector, moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita is not part of the standard inspection. Moisture intrusion testing is, however, available as a separate inspection.

Some of our Moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita are as follows;

  • Roofs
  • Negative grade
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Flashing’s
  • Shower pans
  • Plumbing

Moisture intrusion testing Santa Clarita for roofs

Roof leaks can be more than just an annoyance, they can be costly. Leaks within a roofing system are very difficult to troubleshoot and take a professional roofing expert to diagnose and locate leaks. Water testing is an option which Mazza inspection group utilizes quite often to accomplish this. Roof leaks are notorious for having the roof leak in one location, but showing itself in an entirely different location. in some cases, not even in the same vicinity as the test location.

Moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita for shower pans

shower pan testing santa claritaA key point to remember is that shower pans are difficult to test without the right equipment. Marc Mazza of the Mazza inspection group makes a tool which is proprietary to this company. The tool which  we make is used in conjunction with the test. the tool is placed in the pan with the water running.

Additionally, the testing tool is used in conjunction with Infrared technology.  Our Moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita procedures are almost 100% in making shower pans leak. These tests are essential with every home inspection as shower pans can easily exceed $10,000 in repairs.

Moisture intrusion testing in santa Clarita for windows and wallsroof inspection santa clarita mazza inspection

A key point to remember is that wall or window leaks can happen in either new or older homes. Any new addition of windows or doors within wall systems in either new or old homes are an easy target for leaks. For this reason, Mazza inspection group uses a calibrated spray rack device to effectively test these wall systems.

Furthermore, the spray rack is the only system where testing methods are dictated by the ASTM standards. When windows are newly installed or replaced in stucco walls for example, the building envelope or paper must be preserved and in tact. Additionally, the paper must be installed in accordance with building standards. the testing methods we used will easily expose any weakness within this envelope.

Moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita for negative grade

Negative grade is one of the most common of all moisture intrusion issues we are called to diagnose. This condition is very common primarily due to the fact that concrete contractors and landscapers alike seem to forget the minimum building codes associated with maintaining a clearance to the weep screed or sloping grade from the building. Our methods for Moisture intrusion testing in Santa Clarita will easily expose any areas where misture enters the building due to negative grade.