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REX Real estate. The end of the realtor?

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REX Real estate | 2019 The end of the realtor?

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, or even looked into it, you discovered something. Hiring a real estate agent is likely the only way you’re going to get a property. For some transactions, the realtors charge anywhere from 3% to a cool 6% basically for the pleasure of their company. Now, if you buy a used car for $5000, a 6% commission to the salesman is $300. No big deal, right?
Say you’re selling a house for the current California median price of around $500,000. A 6% commission works out to $30,000 with each agent getting half. That’s real money and for what? Opening doors? Making some phone calls? Walking through a house pointing at stuff? Granted, all realtors will tell you that they do so much more than open doors. But let’s face it… here in California just about anyone can be a realtor. What if there was a better way? Enter REX real estate exchange.

What Is the REX Real Estate Exchange?

The REX Real estate exchange isn’t some fly by night discount brokerage website. It’s a company that employs licensed real estate agents to handle transactions in-person and via its online platform. There are several selling points here.

REX real estate exchangeREX real estate exchange takes the point of view that the standard commission charged by most real estate agents is simply too much. We refer you back to the $30,000 in commissions paid on an average home sale in California. Instead, REX operates as a concierge service that charges the seller a 2% commission to handle everything related to the sale.

What does everything entail? They get your house photographed, market it, and help both the seller and buyer navigate paperwork. They’ll connect either party with mortgage, escrow and title services. REX real estate exchange will also suggest a selling price based on a walk-through and the results from a program that crunches stats and variables, though you aren’t obligated to use their suggestions.

One of the ways that they differ from traditional agents is by shunning the multiple listing service or MLS. In layman’s terms, MLS provides a kind of database of real estate offerings and a way for agents to lock in their commissions. Since REX doesn’t follow the standard commission fee structure, MLS provides limited value.

The concern, of course, is that this will limit the number of potential buyers who will see the house. REX real estate exchange deals with this problem by getting the house up onto all of the major real estate websites. Let’s get real here for a second. The vast majority of people looking for houses go to those sites, find the houses they’re interested in, and then talk to an agent. These days, almost no one goes to an agent and says, “Find me a house.”

Not getting listed in the MLS doesn’t cut potential buyers out of the process, it cuts agents out of the process. Which is really the whole point with companies like Rex.

What Does This All Mean?

If you’re a seller, it means you get to keep more money when the house sells. Take that hypothetical house you were selling for $500,000. At REX’s current 2% commission, you pay out $10,000 in commissions. That means you as a seller will walk out of the deal $20,000 richer. That’s a chunk of change to help pay for remodeling at your new place. It also makes for a good addition to your kid’s college fund.

mazza home inspectionIf you’re a buyer, you can also opt out of using an agent. This is a judgment call for buyers. If you don’t use a buyer’s agent, you avoid the commission fee entirely. That translates to substantial cost savings. The flip side is that you run the risk of overpaying for a property. If you use a buyer’s agent, though, you’re on the hook for having to pay for their entire commission.

REX in-house buyers agents

REX appears to also have in-house buyers agents that all buyers have the option of using. A REX buyers agent works independently of any sellers agents and negotiate on behalf of the buyer like any traditional buyers agent would. More over, if you happen to be a buyer and want to buy a house that ISNT being sold by REX, you can use us as your agent and REX will reimburse the buyer 50% of the commission they would make in that “traditional” real estate transaction. So, back to the $500k example…if you are a buyer of a home that is not being sold by REX, and use REX as your buyers agent… REX real estate exchange would make $15,000 in commission (half of the 6% traditional fee) and then they would give you, the buyer, a check for $7,500. That’s enough money to do some pretty sweet upgrades to your new place the moment you move in.

REX puts you in charge

mazza inspection group REX real estate exchangeWhere the REX model really shines for buyers is that it lets you pick your own companies in terms of mortgages, title companies and inspectors. This last one is especially helpful. Most buyer agents have a list of inspectors they prefer that you use. Some agents even “take the initiative” to pick an inspector for you.  Ya… good idea. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house…  Why would any buyer allow the person with the least amount of construction experience (agent) choose an inspector who is for all intents and purposes,  just a rubber stamping yes man.

Let’s think about that for a minute. An agent only gets paid when you buy a property. Any list of inspectors that the agents disburse should be met with suspicion. You better believe that agents won’t be recommending the most thorough inspectors in Los Angeles and there are a few such as for example,  MAZZA. Why? Because after your marathon inspection with Mazza home inspection, you’ll get a book for an inspection report followed up with an honest assessment of the house. The kind of assessment that will expose issues both small and large alike. The sort of evaluation which might make you decide not to buy the house.  And sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.

mazza home inspectionThe “YES MAN” home inspector

No agent is going to recommend an inspector who’s likely to scare you the home buyer off of a property. By and large, they pick inspectors who understand that future inspection jobs hinge on being quick to get through the house and finding nothing of significance thus helping to sell properties.

Plus, since California doesn’t regulate home inspection, your agent can pick someone fresh off an internet “training course” because after all, with no California requirements, all inspectors are created equal right?

Generally speaking, based on years of working in this industry there are a few truths about the inspection business home buyers may not be aware of.For one, there are agents who tend to refer the kind of inspector who is cheap and has never worked in home construction, commercial construction or in some cases ever held a hammer let alone grasp the acres of rules and regulations that govern home construction.

Basically, some may refer someone who’s either the perfect idiot or ready to toe the line for them. Ever heard of the adage “never bite the hand that feeds you“? Sort-of applies here.Funny thing about that adage… our company hasn’t worked with agents in years and you know what? Our business has never been stronger.

Internet and the future

It’s too early to be sure, but it’s entirely possible that REX real estate exchange or a similar model based around the use of the internet will replace the traditional real estate model. It’s not without precedent. Remember how there used to be travel agencies in just about every town in America. When was the last time you saw a travel agency? The Internet makes your phone or computer into the best travel agent in history. A fact that basically gutted the overpriced travel agency industry. With any luck, it’ll do the same thing for real estate industry. Not just realtors or home inspectors but the entire system needs a gut check.

Are we cheerleaders for Rex?

We’re not cheerleaders for the Rex company. That said, however, we are cheerleaders for change. Rex like other internet based discount agencies just seems like the newest, latest and greatest in this change thus far.

Let’s face it, California needs a change. Of course, this won’t happen until enough people are fed up with paying these traditional agents oodles of money for basically doing the same job you can do on your own with a Lawyer, an escrow company and Zillow.

The REX real estate exchange is a welcome change to the status quo in the real estate industry. Agent commissions have always been excessive relative to the actual work they put into the sale or purchase of a property and while many understand this, they simply just accept it as normal.

Under this model, sellers get to keep more money. Buyers get to spend less money. Just as important, buyers aren’t pressured into using services that favor the agent’s interests over their own. While REX real estate exchange is still just in Southern California and New York right now, we hope it goes nationwide soon. If we’re all very lucky, it’ll mean the end of the traditional real estate agent.

Walmart always needs “greeters.”mazza inspections REX real estate exchange

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    LOL, well said. Hey, you should leave your name for anyone looking for a stellar agent. Funny thing… we’ve never relied on realtor business yet, somehow we manage to eat everyday… Weird huh? Oh, and just to be clear, feel free not to “use us”. Im sure the feeling would be mutual anyhow. To that extent, realtors should never “use” anyone. Using suggests you automatically direct your client to an inspector as opposed to providing them with a choice. Sort of borders in that grey area of collusion and ethics wouldn’t you say? You know.. that list of the three “best inspectors Los Angeles has to offer” thing you do… I think I recall the norm is three recommendations? It’s been a while… Even then those lists are still suspect.
    BTW, the lack of articulation in your comment especially towards an opinion that is not your own displays a level of parochialism that is well, expected.

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