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Swimming Pool Inspection and Leak Detection

Swimming Pools and swimming pool systems can in some cases be very complex and even intimidating to the inexperienced. Mazza Pool Inspection company provides comprehensive evaluations of all types of pool systems and spas and have for over 20 years. We perform inspections for pre-sale and real estate purchase transactions, for contractors, home buyers, home owners, property management companies and other home inspection companies.
As swimming pool contractors, we have experience in the repairs, improvements, maintenance and service of all types of in-ground swimming pool and spa systems which makes us uniquely qualified to perform these types of inspections for a reasonable fee.

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As one of the original swimming pool inspection companies in Los Angeles, we understand the complexities which come from swimming pools and their systems. For years we’ve been protecting home buyers throughout the greater Los Angeles County and beyond. Safety is at the top of our list. We work for our buyers, period.

Leak Detection

Does the pool which you intend on buying leak? Of course you can’t tell. Which is where we come in. We are swimming pool leak detection experts. Having performed leak detection for new home buyers for years, we know a thing or two about swimming pools, swimming pool systems and failures within them.

65% of all swimming pools leak within their first 20 years.CalTech

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