Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

So you think all Santa Clarita Home Inspectors are the sameknow the samedo the same?  Think again.

Santa Clarita Home inspectionAre you willing to gamble with the idea that the guy your Realtor referred you to from their famous list of 3, is somehow “the best” that Santa Clarita or Los Angeles has to offer in the way of inspectors? Not likely.  There’s one thing you as a home buyer must come to terms with and that is, no one inspector is alike.

The majority of all home buyers would be shocked to know that Santa Clarita Home Inspectors do not have to possess ANY certifications, Licenses or qualifications to act as a home inspector.

So now what? Who are you going to rely on to inspect the biggest purchase of a lifetime? A guy who’s just “certified” and who can’t possibly verify his real life construction experience? I think not.

The difference between Santa Clarita Home Inspectors and MAZZA

There are very few similarities between Santa Clarita home inspectors and Mazza Inspection group other than we share the title, home inspectors. Make no mistake, there are huge differences. Because there are no standards in California it’s essentially a free-for-all for those less qualified.marc mazza inspection santa clarita

​Because of this, there are a lot of “certified” guys out there providing these inspection services, missing significant issues and hiding behind the law and their SOP’s when they do (and will) miss things.  On the other hand, Marc Mazza of Mazza inspections is considered a Specialist. The Mazza inspection group provides individual specialized inspections such as swimming pool inspections, Chimney inspections, roofing inspections and sewer inspections. Ask your inspector if they are capable of providing any one of these services. BTW, each service is provided by a California State Licensed Contractor. Opposite that of the typical Santa Clarita “certified” inspector generalist.

Swimming pool inspections in Santa Clarita

Marc Mazza of the Mazza inspection Group, or, locally here in Santa Clarita is a genuine swimming pool repair California and Arizona State contractor. How does that help you? For starters, when you have Marc inspect your swimming pool it’s usually no less than an hour to and hour and a half. Contrast to that of the “certified” guy who will do your inspection in like, 15 minutes and tell you basically nothing.
​Our swimming pool inspection report is followed up with an estimated cost of repair. What is that? Its essentially a list of the costs involved with repairing the issues discovered by Marc during his inspection.

So my Realtor handed me a list of 3 Santa Clarita Home Inspectors

​What do I do with it?

​Our advice. throw it in the trash can. Why? Have you ever heard of the term collusion? There’s tons of that in this industry. Let me illustrate the differences. Mazza inspections gets 0% of our business from Realtors because we do not play their games. Take those other Santa Clarita Home Inspectors on that list you have… How do you think they got there?
At what lengths do you think these Santa Clarita Home Inspectors will go to stay on these lists? Something to think about.
​This comes from personal experience. Years ago we too were on these lists until we no longer wanted to play by their rules. Now Mazza is just plain blacklisted. And you know what? We love it. it’s exactly the kind of Home Inspector in Santa Clarita you need on your side.