certified home inspection santa clarita

Certified Home Inspectors

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certified home inspection santa clarita

Certified Home Inspector

“California has no minimum requirements to become a Home Inspector. This means even you can be an inspector as fast as tomorrow with only a tool bag and some business cards.”

Important Info

Is certification for a home inspector enough to make him / her qualified?

Well, it’s not found in a 40 hour classroom education / certification nor is it found online in an internet self paced course. There isn’t a class anywhere that we are aware of that can prepare you for the job of visually dismantling a building from the outside in. A building is made up of thousands of components and thus constructed with thousands of standards and codes in mind. Just a water heater alone has over 30 codes associated with its installation (depending on your jurisdiction).

Certified home inspectors are not trained on code compliance.

My overall point is this; if you don’t know construction and code, how can you know if something is wrong or installed correctly or incorrectly? The fact is…more CODE you know, the more you will find.

Home inspection education should also come from real life experiences. Without an actual contractor’s license or a former employers reference there is really no way to prove experience. Any person can easily say they have 20 years of construction experience and you could never really confirm this. The reality is,  a California Contractors license issued by the CSLB is the only way the consumer can prove the inspector has real experience in the building trades. Acquiring a license means the individual has worked in construction on actual jobs, with multiple trades, have dealt with the AHJ pulling building permits, architects, engineers and worked with building codes from the NEC, IRC, CPC, CMC, CBC, NFPA and others.

It no secret that home inspectors are not code enforcement officers nor representatives of the city. But in our opinion, that should be no reason for inspectors to not know building code and use that code in order to determine whether or not issues exists within a building by comparison. As a home buyer, the most important determining factor you will face when choosing between inspection firms is finding a company with over 10,000 real paid inspections and proving their experience as an experienced building code expert.

Association Certifications and Standards of Practice

There are some inspectors who will use countless disclosures in their reports and continually refer issues back to a “professional” of that trade because of a lack of knowledge. These types of inspectors will also hide behind their association’s standards of practice in order to legitimately pass off their lack of fundamental understanding of building components or systems. Associations that certify inspectors charge a yearly fee to belong and offer continuing education courses, mainly on line to legitimize their members to the public as being certified. Certification does not qualify a person to inspect your prospective home. Also see our blog on Certified Master Inspectors.

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