Chimney Inspections

Level I and Level II inspections provided by F.I.R.E. certified inspectors.

The Mazza Inspection Group provides an unbiased, 3rd party inspection of your fireplace / chimney using the most advanced technology available.

Types of structures inspected include masonry, metal, factory built, precast, cast in place and prefabricated fireplaces. While most want to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in their home, they should know that the fireplace and chimney are structurally safe.

Certain fireplaces may call for more than just a level I visual inspection. We provide a more in-depth inspection, a level II inspection. This type of inspection includes a scope of the flue using a camera by a professional. A computer generated report is provided. The report will include the condition of the fireplace / chimney and approximate repair costs. We do not perform repairs but referrals of recommended licensed companies are available upon request.

A F.I.R.E. Certification program is the most advanced education program within the hearth industry. The goal for all F.I.R.E. Certified inspectors is to prevent property damage and personal injury. It is for this reason, that they are educated and given detailed instruction on the inspection and investigation of fireplaces, chimneys, vented appliances and vent free products. This includes, but is not limited to, applicable building codes, manufacturer’s specifications, product identification, listing requirements, case study, historical performance, product design and application, inspection methodology, report writing and fire technology.

Chimney Inspection FAQs

A chimney / fireplace inspection is a thorough evaluation of the exterior and interior of a chimney to discover any hazards, ventilation obstructions, deterioration, damage or build-ups that could be a potential safety issue when used. There are three levels of inspection which are described in detail in the Inspection Levels page.
A chimney / fireplace inspection should be done on a yearly basis to ensure safety of operation. They should also be completed during a home sale or transfer by either the seller or the buyer.
A level 2 inspection is a specialized inspection that uses advanced tools and cameras to search for hazards or defects that may exist in difficult to access areas of the chimney. This inspection does not include destructive testing or dismantling / removing parts.
Scans are normally comprised of an extensive evaluation without destructive testing. Our level 2 inspection includes a cd with the video scan of the chimney flue, a detailed computer generated report which includes estimated repair costs.
Yes, as years pass, there is more chance of cracks and damage due to seismic activity or use. Chimneys may also get clogged with debris, causing a significant hazard when the fireplace is in use.
Your level II chimney scan inspection fee is discounted if you are also ordering a home inspection done by Mazza Inspection Group.
Not at all. Very few home inspectors will extend their education especially with chimneys. You will also see that many do not attend F.I.R.E. training.

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