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Qualified Bel-air Home Inspectors 

All home inspection companies serving Bel-air are not equal. Understand that the MAZZA inspection group works hard to find the things that many other home inspectors either won’t or can’t. For the most part, the home inspection is a free for all. Meaning, anyone who wishes to be an inspector simply can.  Oddly enough, the state of California does not require home inspectors to possess any formal education, licensees or certification.

Most people assume that because a home inspector showed up in a truck with a tool bag that they are somehow qualified. Unfortunately, its difficult to quantify anyones experience or verify their background. Contrast that to a General contractors license which by-the-way requires an applicant to “proove” their experience. 

MAZZA Inspection Group is Different that most Bel-air Home Inspectors

Mazza understands behind each buyer there is a family that depends on us to protect them. As a matter of fact, many buyer will even base their buying decision on what we find during the home inspection. Bel-air Home Inspectors by and large depend on the real estate agents for their business. On the other hand, MAZZA depends on no one. In reality, MAZZA business derives from the internet or referrals. Although we could get much more business if we were to cater to the realtors, we like it just the way it is.

We are affordable Bel-air Home Inspectors

As much as things cost now days, Bel-air Home Inspectors are still an affordable option to doing the inspection yourself. Home inspections in Bel-Air will tend to run between $295 and up depending on the size and condition of the building. MAZZA inspections is affordable in Los Angeles for home inspection considering the job we provide.


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