Tarzana Home Inspections that Tells It Plain

The home buying experience is often stressful. You need to find that perfect Tarzana house. Then you need to talk to a real estate agent and get a tour to make sure you’ll like it. If you do, you need a home inspection. The problem is that a lot of home inspection reports get written by people who never spent a minute doing construction. They often miss problems or write about them in ways that obscure the seriousness of the problem. Mazza Inspections specialize in telling it plain.

We are professionals

One of the ways you can spot a real professional is that they can talk about their job in ways that anyone can understand. Of course, it takes years and years in a job to get to that point. Well, we’ve had years and years as:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

Protecting People, Not Profit

We like profit as much as anyone else, but not at the cost of wrecking someone’s future. A slipshod home inspection can potentially leave your financial future in tatters. We put people first, not some real estate agent’s profit margin.

Why Are We Pricier?

It’s the rare home inspection that runs over 45 minutes. It’s just enough time to glance at the most obvious things that might be problems. We average about 1.5 hours per inspection. We take that extra time to really look around and, no surprise, we spot about twice the number of problems.

Recommended Inspectors Have Divided Loyalties

Tarzana Home Inspectors get paid by you, but that work comes from realtors’ recommendations. That means they can’t anger the realtor by, for example, telling you about an expensive problem. Scare off a customer and you might get blacklisted.

What’s Our Track Record Look Like?

Pretty solid if you put stock in our customer reviews.

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