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Toxic inspectors

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Becoming toxic in 10 Easy Steps… (a blog for home inspectors)

It used to be in the good ol days that the better you become at your job the more success you can experience.  Back in that day if you started a small business and it was around long enough to surpass the initial start up period and “crawling” phase, it would eventually do well right? Well this blog is not actually about how to start a home inspection business but actually how to end one…,  by becoming a toxic or otherwise blacklisted inspector.

Getting started as an inspector

The home inspection industry is sort of an anomally when it comes to traditional business models.  As a matter of fact, very few business models if any can compare to this industry. With home inspection being a free-for-all and home inspectors doing whatever they wish, and with respect to education, experience and equipment they do not require any official state certification most simply opt to take one of these online or 5 day certifications and after which, attend a few mixers, get some business cards, hang a shingle out there and boom, instant business.

The trick for instant success as a home inspector is to get onto as many agent lists as you can. With little to no provable experience (like a state issued contractors license for example) and with so many realtors out there even a new inspector can make his start-up inspection company a six figure a year business in less than a year providing they can get on as many of their referral lists as possible and then play by the rules of some of these agents. Oh yea, there are rules that most if not all inspectors who wish to have their business handed to them by these realtors must play by.

mazza inspection groupDa rules:

  4. CHARGE LESS THAN $275 (for anything)
  5. FINISH THE INSPECTION IN LESS THAN 45 MINUTES (no matter the size house)
  7. SEE RULE #1 & 2


The Mazza Inspection Group has been in business for over 20 years performing home inspections.  And over these years we’ve come to one conclusion. That is, there are actually individuals in this business who simply do not care about the buyer and really, just wish to move a transaction through the process as fast as they can to get that nut. Because of this philosophy, we’ve decided to take our business to the people via the internet and stay off the grid (agent referral lists). Now, couple this newly found philosophy with simultaneously becoming more technology advanced, purchasing more advanced equipment, attending classes, becoming more familiar on the use of these instruments and then applying the knowledge we’ve acquired into each inspection we perform. The result is a much longer, more in-depth, thorough comprehensive inspection.

Its a fact that in the home inspection business, the more you know, the more tests you perform, the longer you take on the inspection the more you will find. Its just a fact. This here…. formula or whatever you wish to call it… does not jive well with many within the real estate community. This is, however, the path that Mazza Inspection chooses to take and will take for as long as we are in this business. Even if we didn’t decide to choose this direction but just decided to actually care about the buyers…  becoming blacklisted would have been unavoidable which is by-the-way, where we are now. And you know what? We’ll take it. you can say we wear it like a badge of honor.

mazza inspection group blacklisted

How to Become Toxic or Blacklisted (in 10 easy steps)

So to any of you home inspectors who wish to forfeit your perpetual position on some of these lists we speak of,  for a little bit of your integrity back, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Do the job your client (the buyer) paid you for.
  2. Take your time, no matter how long it takes
  3. Buy state of the art equipment – gone are the days of “only” carrying a tool bag and screwdriver
  4. Protect the buyer as if they were your family members
  5. Call the issues out as you see them – do not “dance” around trying to use a words that are not “alarming”
  6. Don’t worry about being labeled as an alarmist – just do what is right by the buyer
  7. Get educated – the more you know the more you find – you will not know if something is wrong if you don’t know what it is supposed to look like
  8. Do not cater to agents, they are not paying you, they will not be paying the mortgage once the deal closes
  9. Charge for your time –  if you’re $100, $200 more than the other guy, good for you. Buyers tend to want the best, you cannot expect to buy Neiman Marcus® quality at Ross®. Therefore you cannot expect the same with inspectors either. There are those who try to perfect their craft and there are those who simply ride the coat tails of the agents.
  10. See number one

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