Sellers of 8,000 sq ft Mansion Can’t Hide Years of Neglect

Devin SwiftHome Inspection, water intrusion

Luxurious and expansive homes can often distract buyers from many of the serious issues that the property might have. While a buyer is establishing an emotional connection and is in awe of their potential new dwelling, it’s easy to overlook very significant flaws. This is one reason why it’s very important to hire a home inspector that takes the time to look for and document every detail so that you know exactly what you are purchasing and what needs the most attention. Below are some issues that were found during the inspection of an 8,000 sq ft home in the Los Angeles area.


Moisture damage to stucco from vines on the side of the house.

Walkway separated from the house from moisture damage and soil shifting.

Dark stains that appear on the interior walls could indicate the presence of mold within the wall cavities.

Railroad-tie yard walls, though functional, have no structural value as retaining walls and will need to be periodically monitored for movement. The wall here has been compromised, and is leaning beyond its center of gravity.

The crawlspace is contaminated by rodents and should be evaluated by an exterminator.

Numerous cracked , displaced and or broken tiles, as evidenced by several representative photos, that have allowed the waterproof membrane to deteriorate, which means that the roof is likely to leak.

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