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Avoid home inspectors in Santa Clarita

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Avoid home inspectors in Santa Clarita Avoid home inspectors in Santa Clarita. You wouldn’t go to a landscaper to have your teeth cleaned, would you? Of course not. By the same token, you probably wouldn’t have the intern perform surgery on you I’m sure. Of course, these examples are silly but people all over Santa Clarita and beyond do things …

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Fire separation fire walls fire doors what you need to know | Santa Clarita

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Updated:4/8/2020 Garage to Single-family home separation is not a “FIREWALL” | Santa Clarita For many of us who are living in our Santa Clarita single-family or multi-family homes, we go about our day to day activities without knowing that there are literally thousands of building codes that make up your building’s structure. Many of these codes will pertain to protection …

California home inspector requirements

2020 | Facts About California Home Inspector Requirements

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CA Bus. & Prof. Code Sect.7191(a)(1) – What is a home inspection? Effectively, there are no California Home Inspector Requirements. Anyone can be a home inspector in California. According to section 7191, A home inspector who performs a home inspection includes evaluations of a home’s systems and structures. Inspections must be completed in person, and they are done by home …

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The Swimming Pool Safety Act SB 442 | 2018

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2018 | The Swimming Pool Safety Act SB 442 broken down As of January 1, 2018, in an effort to bolster the current law which has been untouched for over 20 years and to amend Sections 115922 and 115925 of the Health and Safety Code, the Pool Safety Act or SB 442 were signed into law. Henceforth, how home inspectors …

Santa Clarita swimming pool safety

2018| Santa Clarita City Pool Barrier Policy

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2018|Santa Clarita City Pool Barrier and Enclosure Policy In 2018, the city of Santa Clarita requires a homeowner who wishes to construct or remodel a swimming pool, spa or install a hot tub to protect anyone from drowning or otherwise become injured should they find themselves wandering into the (your) yard which possess a swimming pool, spa or even a …

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FREE DIY Home Inspection Checklist

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FREE Los Angeles DIY home inspection checklist In the state of California, there are no minimum requirements for anyone who wishes to conduct a home inspection. As a result, anyone can and do conduct home inspections. For the most part, all an individual needs are some basic tools and a checklist to follow. Our FREE DIY Home Inspection Checklist.  We took …

Santa Clarita home inspectors

Never use a home inspector from a realtors list

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Collusion Between Realtors and A Home Inspector from a Realtors List (trust me… it’s real) You just spent the last 3 weekends searching through multiple homes to find the one that’s just right for you. You made your offer and now its time to open escrow. Your realtor hands you a list of their 3 favorite home inspectors and says …