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Leaking within our homes or business is not something anyone ever wishes to have to deal with. However, when you do, a professional moisture leak detection contractor in Los Angeles is who you want to inspect and troubleshoot the issue. Moisture can enter into a building in many different ways from many different areas of a building. Therefore, we perform multiple different types of moisture intrusion testing, just to name a few.

  • Window leak detection inspections
  • Building envelope moisture intrusion testing
  • Roof leak detection and inspections

Moisture leak detection equipment

Looking for moisture is no easy task. In fact, without the appropriate equipment at hand, it’s down right impossible. Moisture leak detection in Los Angeles takes a wide arrangement of equipment to facilitate even the easiest of moisture investigations. Building leak Detection Group uses state of the art equipment such as calibrated spray racks, spray wands and infrared cameras just to name a few.

Experience Behind Inspecting for moisture Intrusion

shower pan testing santa claritaMoisture travels, it’s that easy. understanding the complexity behind exactly how or why it travels as well as which direction it will travel takes experience. Take a roof for example, the water may enter through a vent or dormer and run down a vent pipe onto a rafter and then onto a ceiling joist only to enter 50 feet away from it’s original entrance point. Looking for moisture intrusion is not as easy as just taking a week long course or watching a Youtube video. Behind our ability to understand this in order to perform Moisture leak detection in Los Angeles takes years of doing this over and over… and over.

Moisture leak detection process

For the most part, searching for moisture is like driving to a destination. You have a beginning and an end plotted out. For us at Building leak Detection Group, we understand this process because we’ve performed it numerous times. Once the area at issue has been thoroughly evaluated, the moisture intrusion testing begins. The type of test determines greatly on the type of leak. In many cases, destructive testing is necessary to identify a leaks orgin. Once the leak is properly documented or in other words, its origin discovered, only then can an estimated cost to cure be produced.