Saugus Home Inspectors

When searching for Saugus home inspectors in the Santa Clarita Valley there is only going to be one choice, MAZZA. Home inspectors are a dime-a -dozen so how as a home buyer can you be sure that the person you choose is going to be qualified and more importantly, work for you the home buyer? Truth is well… you can’t.


Currently in the state of California there are zero minimum requirements to work as a home inspector. Moreover, Saugus Home Inspectors are primarily “certified” inspectors and not general contractors. Why is this important or worse, a disadvantage to you?  For the most part, it simply means the person took an on-line certification course and may not even have real construction experience.

BS free zone

MAZZA Home Inspections offers no gimmicks, we don’t bring “snacks” and we’re not hired to mess around. To be blunt, when we show up to perform your inspection we mean business. We’re not there to make new friends with the realtors in some lame attempt to gain new business. We have enough business thank you. In other words, when you get a MAZZA inspection you get knowledge, experience, integrity and honestly free of BS

  • We’ve performed over 15,000 inspections
  • Marc Mazza ins a general contractor in California and Arizona
  • Fireplace contractor, swimming pool repair contractor and Level 3 thermographer

How much are Saugus Home Inspectors

Fees for home inspections in Saugus are all-over-the-map. Why is this? Easy, it has to do with experience and good old fashioned service. In comparison, a person can’t expect to buy and Lexus with the budget of a Yugo. The same goes for home inspectors. Important to realize that you can get a certified home inspector who will offer you nothing of substance for cheap or you can hire the best, and actually know a little something of the building you wish to invest in.

Only hire a General Contractor for Saugus Home Inspectors

Obtaining certification to become and work as a home inspector literally takes you less than a few hours. Wow! Yes, we know. Furthermore, state of California has no requirements and thus anyone who wishes to make “easy money” being a home inspector can and will. Home buyers need to protect themselves and choose a qualified individual. In this case, a General Contractor who possess a valid state issued license that proves he has real construction experience.
Never hire Saugus Home Inspectors from your realtors list. Ever, trust me.

MAZZA clients totally get it

We do more for our clients than any other inspection company around and that’s a fact.  By and large, a MAZZA client will get more information, more help through the inspection process and after than any of these other guys hired by the realtors to rubber stamp the house. We’re here to help. We inspect every house as if you were a family member.