North Hills Home Inspectors

How many times in your life do you think you’ll end up buying a home? For some people it’s every five or so years. For others its once.  When choosing between North Hills Home Inspectors there are a few things you need confirm before you trust your life savings to one mans opinion. Not to muddy the already muddy waters, but finding that one home inspector who is on your side, and one who is not in collusion with any of the realtors involved is a needle in a haystack of needles. For the most part, home inspections will get almost 90% of their business from these agents. Of course, thats when the rubber stamping begins.

Why so many are choosing certified North Hills Home Inspectors over General Contractors

Most all home buyers have no idea that California has ZERO minimum requirements to work as North Hills Home Inspectors. Moreover, a home inspector doesn’t even have to have ANY real construction related experience. Wow… I know. In contrast, a General contractor must qualify for the license first and possess 4 years experience and then pass a proctored written test.

When Professional North Hills Home Inspectors Don’t work for you

A point often overlooked is the place where the list of North Hills Home Inspectors comes from. Typically, the list of inspectors will derive from your realtor. Like leading sheep to the wolves, these individuals on these lists work for, in some way with the realtors who refer them.

Take this from a company who is not on ANY realtor lists. Why is that? For one thing, because we are over-the-top thorough. At the same time, realtors by and large do not like to deal with problems which derive from home inspections or, “picky” home inspectors more specifically.  Therefore, in order to mitigate these issues, realtors will tend to choose for their list those who are not “deal killers“, whatever that means.

What are the costs of a North hills Home inspection?

First thing to remember when we compare home inspectors is that they are all not created or educated equally. Simply put, the longer they take and the more educated and thus more thorough North Hills Home Inspectors are, the more they will charge. In contrast, the home inspectors who are just merely “certified” or new and are from the realtors lists will generally charge far less. Point being, the better educated the inspector is and the longer he will take the more you should expect to pay. A home which is 1000 square feet for example may cost from $250-495. A word of advice… never “cheap out” on your home inspection, trust me.

What are the benefits of hiring North Hills Home Inspectors who are also General Contractors?

In order to appreciate the title General Contractor / home inspector one must also realize that as previously stated, there are no requirements to work as a home inspector. While hiring a General contractor is not the “end all”, it’s IMO a far better decision that hiring a person who is not. Additionally, the general contractor has “provable” experience whereas the certified inspector does not. Of course, other than the obvious “certification” which is obtained by attending a week long classroom or on line course.

Choosing the right North Hills Home Inspectors

Traditionally, a home buyer gets one shot at getting a good home inspection. In general, most people treat the home inspection process as just “another thing to do to close”. Trust me, it is not. It’s important to realize that the home inspection is your time to systematically and methodically sift the every nook and cranny of the prospective house. Choose an inspection company wisely. North Hills Home Inspectors are a dime a dozen. Lastly, make sure the inspector you choose works only for you and above all takes his time. A safe home is a happy home for your family.