Top Tier Newhall Home Inspectors

You’ve been online, culled the listings, and talked with a realtor. You’ve toured that Newhall house. It’s exactly what you’re looking for. First of all, before you get down to signing anything, you need an inspection. You could get an inspection from any certified home inspector or you could get a top-tier inspection from Mazza. We’ll comb through that house and tell you everything your realtor won’t.

What Makes Us Top-Tier?

Sadly, home inspection certification doesn’t amount to much in California. You can become one during a vacation and still have a week for travel. That’s no joke. You don’t even need to know what joist is ahead of time.
What makes us top-tier is that we’re licensed general contractors with around 20 years of experience. We know a thing or two about home construction. A few of our other qualifications include:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

It’s All About You

In the first place, we want you to get your dream home. Equally important is the fact that you get the home you think you’re buying. Furthermore, it’s why we pride ourselves on comprehensive, non rubber-stamped no BS reports. We aim to arm you with actual facts, not soft-serve spin doctoring.

Can’t I Get This Done Cheaper?

Yep, you sure can. What you can’t do is get the same quality of inspection for cheaper. Our inspections cost a bit more because it’s essentially a different service. Other inspectors give you the bare minimum inspection. We give you an inspection that includes about twice as many potential problem points in that Newhall house.

Just Say No to Recommended Inspectors

Realtors keep lists of home inspectors they like. After all, do you know what makes a realtor like a home inspector? Most likely, its the fact that the inspector writes reports that don’t alarm people, regardless of what’s wrong with the house. On the whole that might be good for an inspector’s bottom line, but it’s not good for you. Alternatively, our reports give you an accurate view of the home’s problems.

Hear from Our Customers

See their thoughts on our inspections here.