So what are Certified Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita?

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First of all, I think it’s important to let the public know that there is no such thing as a state sponsored “certified” or even “licensed” home inspector. According to the California BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONS CODE – CHAPTER 9.3. Home Inspectors [7195 – 7199]  7195.

Another misnomer I believe exists in the home inspection industry is that all home inspectors somehow do the same thing, know the same thing and report on the same things. Not only is it completely false, this couldn’t be furthermost from the real truth.

​​To clarify, all home inspectors are different in every way imaginable. They are all different in knowledge, inspection tactics and methods. A Certified Home Inspector in Santa Clarita is no different than a “certified home inspector in Los Angeles which in all honesty, may not any different than a cab driver. What you dont think the majority of these “certified” guys were something other than a carpenter, plumber, roofer or electrician yesterday. Please.

What is a Genuine qualification to be a home inspector?

marc mazza inspection santa claritaUnfortunately there are no Genuine qualifications to work as Certified home inspectors in Santa Clarita. That said, the closest you can get to verifiable building qualifications is shopping for a General Contractor, who is also a Home inspector. Like Marc Mazza.

Think about it for a second.  For one thing, The state of California requires these general contractors to “prove” they have genuine construction experience before taking a state sponsored test.

Is it safe to assume that Certified Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita are a bad choice?

In spite of the fact that the term certification is meaningless, my personal opinion is yes. Certified Home inspectors in Santa Clarita are not good choices to inspect you home.  See, I believe that if you have never actually built or participated in the construction of a home, room addition or worked hand in hand with a structural engineer, architect or the city planning department, you have no business being the “protector” of a families business.

Surprisingly to most, it takes a few months to build an entire home. So it suffices to say, taking a house apart visually backwards takes time. And a lot of it. the number one complaint I have besides being “certified” is that the majority of these guys place all their eggs into the basket of the Realtors.
When these guys sell out to the Realtors anything goes. And the first to go is usually integrity. And after a while, maybe even ethics.

How do the Certified Home Inspectors in Santa Clarita become certified?

santa clarita home inspectorsTo illustrate how easy it is to actually become certified in Santa Clarita, I decided to try it myself. In the end, I found an on-line course that I took for $350. Believe it or not, I was a certified home inspector in less than 4 hours. There area also classes one can take that are 5 days long. Then you’re certified.

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