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Inspection Fee (pay now or pay later)

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What is an acceptable fee for an inspection?

The Mazza Inspection Group does not have set fees for home inspections. Most buyers when calling our office while during our conversation will eventually inquire as to the fee that they can expect to be paying for their inspection. To some, it is the most important part of the call for various reasons, one being budget, presumed cost, or perhaps the fee in which they should expect to pay that was told to them by an individual. To others, the fee is definitely a consideration but realize that with a major decision such as this, saving on their home inspection fees may very well cost them in the long run. Most people think that all inspection companies are the same and that there is somehow a universal inspection fee that’s one-size-fits-all.  Some others, on the other hand, feel when comparing fees from one company to another that the lowest price wins and it is is what the market should bar.

The truth of this is that there is no one-size-fits-all fee not even for house age, square footage, condition etc…  because there is no equality among inspectors qualification, experience tools, and knowledge.

Why would you want to pay a higher fee for an inspection?

With the Mazza Inspection Group, you are paying for peace of mind because you know with great detail what you will be investing in. You are not just paying for a generic service. With the Mazza Inspection Group, you are getting the most competent, ethical and knowledgeable professionals. This is especially vital in an unregulated industry with no state mandated standards. That is why we do not give generic fees. We base our fees on each individual home and its features. We take into consideration the time spent on site and will be spent on the narrative report filled with details and code references.

If you are paying less, think of what you are NOT getting

You get what you pay for and you don’t get what you don’t pay for. We have heard unfortunate findings from those who chose to pay less for an inspection and they wish they had just gone with quality of service for an extremely reasonable fee. Don’t be one of the horror stories.

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