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Choosing an Inspector in Santa Clarita

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Santa Clarita Home Inspectors (how to narrow your choices)

It isn’t every day you buy a house… as a matter of fact, it’s more like every 5-10 years statistically. And unless you’re a first time home buyer, you’ll need to choose a home inspection company that can best protect you, your family and your investment. As a home buyer, this portion of the buying process is hands down the single most important component to the purchase. Good inspectors will walk through a house and perform a cursory inspection of the systems but great inspectors can evaluate the building from the sewer system to the roof and help you determine whether the house is in need of superficial work or if it’s in need of a complete overhaul. And one who is willing to actually tell you this at the risk of being labeled a “deal killer”? So who… and really,  how do you choose “that guy”?

Before we get there, I have to say this… NEVER EVER base your choice on availability or price. Good inspectors are very busy, slightly more expensive, take more time at the inspection and thus worth the wait.

Other inspectors tend to price themselves so the general public and realtors feel as if they are “affordable”. Inspectors in this category will squeeze as many inspections as they can in a single day which means your inspection time will be a fraction of what a more thorough inspector will take.

Here are your must haves when choosing an inspector…no ands… no ifs… zero buts.

  • Your inspector of choice must possess a GENERAL CONTRACTORS LICENSE.

California has ZERO licensing standards so anyone can become a “CERTIFIED” inspector and many do with $250 and a simple 40 hour internet class. The CA contractors license says, “Hey, this guy took a very difficult test and had to PROVE his previous work experience.”

  • Your inspector must have completed over 5,000 actual paid inspections.

Do the math… an inspector just starting out “may” do one inspection a day which is 20 inspections a month. Even if he doubles that after two years it’s only 480 a year.  At this rate, it would take an inspector 10 YEARS to get just 5,000 inspections and become seasoned! NEVER USE AN INSPECTOR WITH LESS THAN 5000 PAID INSPECTIONS.

  • Your inspector must use infrared and be “certified” in thermography.

Why is thermography so important? Because using infrared technology allows an inspector the ability to locate moisture and electrical issues without and destructive testing. A certified inspector is one who understands the science behind thermography and can quickly and easily rule out false positives. DO NOT USE AN INSPECTOR WITOUT AN INFRARED CAMERA AND ONE WHO’S NOT CERTIFIED.

  • Your inspector must possess insurance.

Everyone makes mistakes, but sometimes your mistake as an inspector costs others time and money so they must be compensated for that. Good inspectors possess both Errors and Omissions and General Liability insurances. DO NOT USE AN UNINSURED INSPECTOR.

  • Your inspector must provide a narrative inspection report.

A narrative inspection report will allow you the ability to clearly read and understand the conditions of components and any issues at hand. A good narrative report will explain the item, its current condition and if there are issues, what they are specifically and where to go to have it repaired. NEVER USE AN INSPECTOR WHO USES CHECKLIST REPORTS.

There are 2 places to start looking for an inspector and 1 place you should not.

  1. Friend Referrals and Referrals of Family Members There is no better place to find a good source whether its a mechanic, contractor or home inspector than from those who have already done the hard part for you and took the chance.
  2. Internet Reviews Although we get 99.9% of all our business from the internet, I still feel as if the inspector has too much control on reviews by asking for reviews, paying for reviews and basically making up reviews.
  3. Never EVER Use an Inspector From a Realtor List (unless you can vet them) Almost every home inspector gets more than 95% of their base business from realtors. As a home buyer, choose your own inspector every time. Do your research and choose wisely based on these 5 items listed above and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Why believe us? Simple…

MAZZA inspections has been conducting inspections for over 20 years in the Santa Clarita Valley and much of Los Angeles.  We are not your typical home inspection company meaning, we only do a handful of inspections a month. We are not the most well received inspection company in Los Angeles by those in the real estate business because well… we do our job and do it extremely well. We find the things other inspectors can’t… we take the time necessary at the house, that other inspector will not.

We work ONLY for buyers and if realtors refer us it says a lot about that agent, whoever they are. It says that agent has integrity and genuinely cares about their client to send them our way because:

  1.  We do not sugar coat issues…
  2. We do not hide issues within the inspection report body…
  3. We take a long time to inspect…
  4. And when we’re finished we tell it like it is.

With MAZZA you will get what you pay for. With others, well… you may also get what you pay for, but not in the same way.

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