Looking for the BEST Woodland Hills home Inspectors

Anyone can be a home inspector in California. That’s correct, with a few hours on the internet, you too can be a home inspector tomorrow. Therefore, if you want a home inspector in Woodland Hills who works for you and not the realtor or anyone else, MAZZA is your guy.

We are more than qualified


  • General contractor
  • California Contractor Industry Expert
  • Pool repair contractors

We’re going to tell it like it is, good or bad

Taking sides is not our thing. Protecting the clients best interest is however. For the most part, it’s reall all we do. Telling you the truth no matter how good or bad it will be is our only job and we do it extremely well. Without the BS.

You bet we cost more

Our fees are directly related to the service we provide. We’ll challenge anyone to find other Woodland Hills Home Inspectors who will take more time, bring more tools and provide more expertise than anyone else.

Are realtors qualified to refer inspectors?

I think not. As a matter of fact, my personal opinion is that realtors should never refer anyone. Most especially when this person who possess the ability to make or break a deal.

What’s our clients say about the MAZZA?

See for yourself what our clients say about our services.

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We have to say, when it comes to finding a home inspector in Woodland Hills who is thorough, we’re it.
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