First off let me start by saying that we do set time frames for our inspections. These times are based on several factors such as size, type, age etc… That being said, the inspection is more like an forensic, systematic evaluation of the building so it takes a while to dissect. The building and it’s condition will ultimately dictate the time spent on the property. Not the sellers… not the agents.


Anyone can buy these cameras, point, shoot and take pretty images. But try finding a LEVEL III thermographer and educator. Well actually you did…right here. Sure we can take pretty pictures just like the rest of-em, but we actually understand and apply the science when using this equipment.  


We’re drawn to water in houses like human Divining Rods. Leaking shower pans, old piping, new piping, past repairs whatever… if it’s leaking when were there, we’ll find it. As moisture intrusion specialists, we also perform calibrated water spray rack testing for walls or windows and we even perform roof leak inspections. So even if water wasn’t present when we were there…we can always comeback and bring our own.


With the Mazza Inspection Group we’re just that…a group. We’re not a one man show but rather, we offer the complete package. Our group is made up of “in-house” individual experts within their individual fields. You need a sewer inspection? We have a man for that. Need a pool inspected? We have a man for that. Need a roof inspected? Got a guy for that too…we’ll i’m sure you get the picture. 

It’s all about you

There isn’t enough room in this small square to describe in words the level of care we put into each client. But if I could sum it all up and describe our feelings towards our clients in just a word, I guess it would be empathetic.  We get that this is a big deal. We get that buying a house can be emotionally taxing for most people. We also get that you want (and need) protection.