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Mazza Home Inspections

While there are currently no minimum qualifications when becoming or acting as a home inspector in California, there are many individuals who perform this task on daily basis.There is training and education available, however, only via on-line, in the form of a home study course, or a 40 hour / one week class. Typically, these courses merely touch on the basic principles of construction, when in reality, there are thousands of components within a structure that need to be carefully inspected and many times, analyzed while applying genuine construction knowledge or principles. To put it simply, if the inspector does not hold at the very least, a General Contractor’s License, that individual may not be qualified to inspect your prospective home or investment.

In contrast, when becoming a contractor of any trade, one must demonstrate at the very least, 4 years of experience and education in the trade for which they are licensed, be fingerprinted, have an FBI background check, and be bonded. Marc Mazza has many years of genuine hands-on building experience in all fields of contracting; residential, commercial and public works. Within these fields, Marc possesses practical experience in multiple building trades and is a licensed General contractor in both California and Arizona, Commercial and Residential Swimming Pool Service Contractor in California and Arizona and a California Weatherization and Energy Conservation Contractor.

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