Westridge Home Inspectors

Home inspectors are really a dime-a-dozen. Santa Clarita home inspectors are in no short supply. As a matter of fact, there are actually quite a few companies to choose from. But how will you know which company is best for you? First thing to remember about the home inspection industry is that its unregulated. That means anyone can be a home inspector.

Why choose a general contractor over “certified” Westridge Home Inspectors?

Certification in the home inspection industry means absolutely nothing. Not only does it mean absolutely nothing, it serves no purpose in trying to prove ones experience. What are you saying marc? Im saying that becoming a home inspector in Santa Clarita is too easy. As a matter of fact, its as easy as taking an internet based certification course without ever proving your experience.

Do I use a Santa Clarita home inspector from my realtors list?

Never, ever use a home inspector from your realtors famous list of three. For one thing, there is collusion between all inspectors on this list. Make no mistake, if you’re an inspector and you find yourself on a realtors list it’s like for one of three reasons.

  • They inspect a home very quickly
  • The inspector is cheap
  • He’s inexperienced and therefore you don’t find many serious issues

How much is a home inspection in Santa Clarita?

Home inspections in Santa Clarita pricing can vary greatly. Westridge Home Inspectors will generally charge a fee based on the overall square footage of the home. important to realize that the inspectors who are cheap, will give you exactly what you pay for. And what is that? Nothing substantial. As a matter of fact, you may even end up with issues even after the home inspector. In other words, missed issues.

What are the benefits to getting a home inspection in Santa Clarita?

Westridge Home Inspectors by an large, will save you from a lifetime of misery but only if the inspector is qualified. When you are looking for a home inspector in Santa Clarita, make sure he is experienced in Santa Clarita home inspections and has performed over 5,000 inspections.

A good inspector will make your experience better

Getting a good inspection is critical when you’re buying your forever home. As a matter of fact an inspector who is qualified and works for you and not the realtors, is an inspector who you want on your side. This is to say, a Santa Clarita Home Inspector who takes his time, is thorough and professional will make your home buying experience better.