Buying a home is a huge deal

For one thing, you’d think that the most expensive purchases you’re sure to make in your lifetime, that more people would take it more seriously. What am I referring to you ask? In the first place, it seems as if the key players in the transaction (realtors) have their eye on one thing, and it’s unfortunately in many cases not your best interest and refer you to inept and unqualified inspectors just to close a deal.

No certifications here

Marc Mazza of Mazza Inspections is absolutely qualified. As a matter of fact, currently, Marc owns and operates a real construction company providing real construction services. Experience gained by doing real work. Rather than reading about it in a book.

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

Just the facts without the Bull

For one thing, there’s big money to be made in selling houses. It seems as if everyone benefits from your purchase and doing what it takes to close a deal feels commonplace. On the other hand, MAZZA does not see it that way. In fact, we go the extra mile not to be “that guy” who just tells you what you want to hear just so you can close your deal.

You bet we’re more expensive

Why is it that a Mercedes is more than a Kia? Hmmm, it’s likely because the Mercedes is of a higher quality. I’m sure you can argue that a car is a car. Of course, but that doesn’t hold true with home inspectors. In this business, either way, you WILL get what you PAY FOR.

Never EVER use a realtors home inspector referral

Talk about a wolf in the hen house. Are you kidding me? I’ts amazing how so many people can allow an person who stands to make thousands off the sale of your home, to choose the one person who has the ability to be the most objective. Then again, they can also be the least objective. Funny thing is that you’d never know who’s side the inspector was on, until you move in.

You cant make this stuff up

Sure, you can fake a few reviews, it happens. But fake 115 5 star Yelp reviews? Doubtful.

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Home inspectors are either experienced or they are not. West Hills Home Inspectors Are a plenty. It’s hard to know who’s qualified and who’s not.
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