Valencia Home Inspectors

Valencia Home Inspectors come a dime a dozen. Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned professional, buying a home is a time consuming, nerve racking process. Couple that with having to hire a complete stranger to sift through the dwelling you are soon to call home just ads fuel to the fire. In the first place, home inspectors are never ever the same, know the same, do the same. 

There are no licenses for Home Inspection In California

Thats correct. there are no licenses or certifications to work as a home inspector in California. Taxi cab driver yesterday, Valencia Home Inspectors today. So let me ask you… how do you tell who is legitimate?  Truth be told you cannot.

How to choose a Valencia Home Inspector

For many people who have never had to hire a home inspector, you’d never know what to ask. Furthermore, there are others who just opt to use the realtors list of 3. Not only is this a terrible idea, it could end up being catastrophic. Why? For starters, as previously stated, many of these inspectors are just “certified” which is to say they went through an online course. In contrast, hiring a general contractor ensures that the individual has real life genuine building experience. this is the guy you want to use.

  • Make sure the inspector is a contractor
  • The inspector should have completed over 5,000 inspections
  • Your inspector should use thermal imaging

How much are Valencia Home Inspectors?

Forget asking how much your home inspection is. Instead, ask yourself how much are they going to save me. Ask yourself, how much will they save me. A good home inspector can not only save you thousands at the time of the inspection. Good home inspectors can save you the headache of buying a money pit.

The benefits of hiring a general Contractor

California requires nothing of their home inspectors with respect to experience or knowledge in home inspection. Contrast that to a general contractor who must pass a proctored test given by the state of California. First however, the individual must prove that they have actually worked in the trades for many many years. 

A good inspection will make you a happy camper

A good home inspector from good Valencia Home Inspectors will make you happy. On the other hand, a terrible home inspection has the potential to bring misery for years to come. My advice would be to focus on the person and not the price. Never use a realtors referral because there is very likely collusion between the agents and inspectors.