Get the Zenga of Simi Valley Home Inspections

You don’t buy a Zenga because you want a suit. You get a Zenga because you want a bespoke suit. The kind of suit where every detail was fussed over by overambitious experts. You’ll spend a lot more on your Simi Valley home than a Zenga, so you don’t want an inspection. You want the inspection done by overambitious experts. That’s Mazza in a nutshell because we didn’t quit our jobs in retail and take an online course. We’re general contractors with years of practical experience and thousands of inspections behind us. We are the Zenga of Simi Valley home inspections.

Mazza Inspections Brings Something Better to the Table

We aren’t a fly-by-night operation with a questionable certification. We offer real qualifications, such as:

  • General contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographers
  • Pool repair contractors

We Don’t Work for Your Realtor because we Work for You.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a home in rural Tennessee or in Simi Valley, realtors all share the same goal. They want to close the deal. That means they’ll recommend home inspectors who rubber stamp inspections that don’t sound scary. We don’t believe in that. Our job is to provide you, our real client, with the best information we can. We never downplay problems, rush through the inspection and do the job right or not at all

You Know the Difference Between Cost and Value

We cost more because we offer more value. No more and no less.

Take a Pass on Your Realtor’s Inspector referral

Where is an inspector’s loyalty going to be? With you or with the realtor who directs hundreds of inspections his way every year? Simi Valley inspectors who get work from realtors have a financial interest in not sabotaging deals with bad news. We don’t get our work from realtors. So, you don’t have to worry about a conflict of interest.

Our Clients Sing Our Praises

You can see what people say for yourself over on Yelp.

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