A Better Breed of Pasadena Home Inspections

Not all home inspection companies deliver the same level of service. That’s because your standard-issue inspector probably never worked in construction. You can call yourself a certified home inspector after one, week-long class. No history in construction required. You can get a better breed of Pasadena home inspection with Mazza Inspections

Why Our Inspections Are the Better Breed

Quality comes out of working experience. It’s not enough to see a slideshow and work from a checklist. You need to understand what problems look like out in the real world. You need to know when to move beyond the checklist. We have the right combo of experience to spot problems in the real world and know when the checklist isn’t enough. Where does that experience come from?

  • Contractor
  • Level three Thermographer
  • CA Pool repair contractors

We Watch Out for Home Buyers

Home buyers are in a tricky position. They must trust the inspection report to inform good decisions. Yet, the inspection report might come from someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. We watch out for you by bringing an expert eye to every inspection and providing an expert opinion.

We Charge More because We Spend More Time

Nine times out of ten, home inspections max out at 45 minutes. Our home inspections routinely run closer to one and half hours. If the house is very large, they might run even longer. Our reports also run longer and offer more depth.

Recommended Inspectors Practically Work for Realtors

Most new certified home inspectors work tirelessly to get onto real estate agents lists of preferred inspectors. Once they do, agents feed the inspectors new business. To stay on the list, inspectors must generate reports that favor the agent’s goal of selling the house. That means inspectors work for realtors in all but name. Our customers don’t come to us from agents, so we can write honest reports.

How Does this Play Out for Customers

They seem to think it plays out pretty well. See the reviews here.

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The word MAZZA means thorough. Well, actually it doesn't but for you it will. We work for the home buyer. Period.
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