Get a Glendale Home Inspection Done Right

Ever heard the term certified home inspector? It’s sound official. Like someone went through a serious process to get that job. That just isn’t so. A certified home inspector is someone who survived a short class and one test. Their qualifications? They could cover the course fee. You aren’t going to get a home inspection done right by someone like that. All they know is what they remember from that one-week class. Getting that Glendale house you want inspected the right way takes a company with the right background. Mazza Inspections has that background.

Our Background

We’re proud of the inspections we do, but it’s not all we’ve got going on. Our other work includes:

  • General Contractor
  • Level 3 thermography
  • Swimming pool and chimney contractor

You might say we got into inspections because we’re so well-versed in what can go wrong with a home. Inspections aren’t some sideline for us, though. We’ve done more than 15,000 of them over the years.

Forget the BS

An inspection is meant to protect a potential home buyer from hidden problems. We’ve taken that to heart. You won’t see any doublespeak in our inspection report. If it’s broken, rotting, or damaged, we’ll tell you so.

Our Price Is Higher because Our Inspection Is Better

Most inspectors treat inspections like a casual once-over. They wander through for a half-hour or so, take a few notes, and give you a report that lulls you into a false sense of security. Our inspection is like bringing in a crack forensics team to search for clues. You get a better inspection and better services are more expensive.

Be Suspicious of Realtor Inspector Lists… Seriously

Selling property is how realtors make a profit. Would they really refer you to anyone that might cost them money by killing a deal? Think about that.

Are We Worth it?

Our customers seem to think so. See what they’re saying here.