Getting the Right Fair Oaks Home Inspection

Home inspections go hand-in-hand with home purchases. You call in a pro to make sure that you aren’t getting a money pit. There’s one tiny catch. You don’t always get a professional. It’s ridiculously easy to get into home inspections in California. Take a short class, pass a test, and suddenly you’re “certified.” You may not know dry rot from black mold, but you can still inspect. That’s not the right kind of Fair Oaks home inspection. At Mazza, we take a different approach.

Real Qualifications

Home inspections are just one of the things we do. When we’re not inspecting homes, we do general contracting work, pool repairs, and chimney repairs. The kind of work that actually qualifies us to do home inspections.

  • General Contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer
  • Pool and Chimney Repair Contractor

And, yes, we know dry rot and mold on sight.

Zero BS Zone

Mazza inspections operates in a zero BS zone. That means we won’t soften up our report so the house looks like a better deal than it actually is. We also won’t “forget” to look at things that we’re pretty sure will be problems down the road. We’ll give it to you straight, whether the news is good or bad.

We Charge More because We Do the Whole Job

Other inspectors will give you a home inspection for less than we will. They can do that because they don’t know enough or don’t care enough to do the whole job. We don’t follow some arbitrary checklist. We check everything.

Dismiss Realtor Recommendations

Taking a realtor’s advice about what home inspector to use is a bit like asking a Vegas pit boss if the games are honest in his casino. Realtors recommend inspectors they trust for a few reasons. That said, most all reasons have similarities such as for example, the inspector has little experience or is cheap, fast or rubber stamps houses.

How Do We Do in the Real World?

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