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Pre-purchase, predictive maintenance, risk management inspections and more…

The Mazza Inspection Group offers inspections for pre-sale, pre-lease and pre-purchase transactions. In addition to real estate transactions, we further provide predictive maintenance (PdM) and risk management inspections as an annual maintenance agreement or for those in need of documentation for the renewal of a coverage policy.

mazza inspection groupInspection reports are comprehensive and include necessary immediate repairs as well as recommendations for long term maintenance. Our report encompasses the current condition of specific components inspected and provide an estimated or an approximate lifespan which remains in these components such as for example, the HVAC system, roofing, equipment specific to your purchase, restaurant equipment. Any costs involved with repairs or replacement, if necessary will be included.

Commercial Inspection FAQs

Although prospective building owners may know current conditions or have records of maintenance for equipment and other systems, a comprehensive inspection will provide a buyer an idea of how long a system will last and any possible repairs that are necessary currently or in the near future. This vital information can be considered prudent in the cost effectiveness or investment in which they are making.
Sewer drain lines from the structure to the street are the responsibility of the owner. Camera scopes can identify existing or potential problems which could save the cost of future repairs, replacement or damage resulting from these problems. This can be beneficial for current owners or potential owners during the pre-purchase inspection process.
Infrared inspections on flat roof systems, electrical systems and equipment / machinery can aide in identifying current and potential problems that can lead to damage or catastrophic conditions.
Yearly inspections can be valuable in providing a building owner with current conditions, necessary repairs, and suggested maintenance which can be cost effective and provide for a safe environment of the employees or occupants. Additionally, some insurance and risk management companies can require specific inspections prior to the renewal of a policy.

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    A sewer line video camera inspection will allow you to look into the piping for damaged sewer line. The average sewer replacement cost is over $10,000 Sewer replacement is NOT covered by home warranty