Which Century City Home Inspector Do You Trust?

Home inspectors come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of competence. Frankly, they come in horrifyingly different levels of competence. For unknown reasons, California puts virtually no requirements on home inspectors in terms of training or experience. If you can spare a week and the class fee, you could do it. Do you want that Century City house inspected by someone who spent a single week learning his job? How about a company with decades of experience in general contracting and thousands of home inspections? If you like choice B, you want Mazza Inspections.

What Mazza Inspection Group Offers

Beyond the obvious contracting and inspection experience, we offer a few other things that make us the right choice. We’re also licensed for pool inspections, which means we won’t just look at that pool out back. We can evaluate it. We offer a thermography assessment of the house. We’re even certified on chimney repairs. It’s a nice perk if that house has an old fireplace.

  • General Contractor
  • Level 3 Thermographer
  • Swimming pool and Chimney repair Contractor

Customer Protection Comes First

Buying a home is often the single most expensive purchase in a person’s life. You shouldn’t get punished with a bad home because of a lousy home inspection. We look out for the customer first, not the property sale.

More Work Comes with a Higher Price Tag

We won’t perform a token inspection on that Century City house. We do an extremely extensive inspection and it shows in our extensive reports. It’s substantially more work and the price goes up accordingly.

Don’t Bother with Realtor Recommendations

Realtors want to sell property. That’s it. They will never, ever send you to anyone who might jeopardize that sale. Mazza Inspections works only for the home buyer. That’s it.

Get a Second Opinion or 50

Want to see how we stand up to scrutiny? Get some second opinions from our customers over on Yelp.