Get the Canyon Country Home Inspection You Deserve

In a perfect world, home inspectors would possess decades of experience as contractors and know building codes inside and out. Understand, we don’t live in a perfect world. CA lets people with about one week of training call themselves pro home inspectors. You deserve a better class of home inspection. We aim to provide you with the home inspection you deserve.

What’s Makes Mazza Inspections Better?

First of all, we didn’t wake up one day and decide to sign up for an online course in home inspection. We work, day in and day out, as licensed general contractors. As building contractors, we know the regs and building codes because it’s our job to know them. We’re also qualified for:

  • Chimney Contractor
  • General Contractor
  • Pool Repair Contractor

When we do your home inspection, we bring real-world experience into the process

We Don’t Care about the Deal

Most home inspectors get their customers from realtors. We don’t. Customers contact us directly to do their Canyon Country home inspections. That means we don’t care about the deal. We only care about protecting your interests. You get a professional home inspection with a real report about what you’re getting into.

Our Prices Are Higher Because We Don’t Cut Corners

Your average inspector will blow through that Canyon Country house in under 45 minutes. It’s almost impossible to do an inspection that fast without cutting corners. Our inspections check everything. It takes longer and that costs more, but you get your money’s worth in a thorough report

Toss that List of Inspectors Your Realtor Gives You

Most inspectors rely on realtors to send them work. Makes for some questionable loyalty. Tell customers the truth and your referrals dry up. Play ball and the work flows in.

Let Our Customers Tell the Story

It’s easy to say we’re great, but customers tell the real story. Check out their reviews on Yelp and see if all holds up

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